“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like a roar of lion that what sickness can therefore be an obstacle.”

Nicheren Daishonin said, “Winter always turn to spring – Advancing fearlessly towards the spring of victory.”

I was introduced to this profound philosophy of Nicherin Daishonin by my friend in December 2013. Since then I have received many benefits from this practice in my life.

To be a member of Gakkai has been a very pleasant experience for me. When I came here I felt such a warmth and care in everybody’s heart that I have not experienced anywhere else.

I want to share my victory which not only made me strong individually but has strengthened my faith more in this wonderful practise. It is regarding my son. He was born in August 2013. It was a day of great happiness for me and my husband.

But before I could share my happiness with my family, my doctor told me that my son is suffering from heart problem with hole in the heart.

Because of this, he would fall ill frequently. We were giving him the regular medicine but none was working on him. We took our child to many doctors and cardiologists, and all of them told us that he will recover only after he will be 2 or 3 years old.

I was all shattered and tensed because seeing my son suffering from such a disease and he was so small to bear these sufferings. As a mother, I could not hold my emotions and broke down every time, when I see him in this condition.

Then suddenly one day, my close friend called me and asked me about my family and son. She felt that I was depressed, so she asked me about my problem.

I generally do not share my personal problems with anyone except my husband but at that time I didn’t know what I should say to her. I shared my son’s problem with her and told her that I want to see my son healthy again as he was very small, just 2 and a half months old and suffering from so many problems.

After hearing about my son, she told me about this beautiful law and advised me to chant the golden words, NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO daily for at least 5 minutes twice a day. I asked her about it but she said that firstly do this for one week and then see that all of your sufferings would come to an end.

I told my husband about this and he supported me to do this if it really works. After 2 days my husband went to the duty as he is posted in Assam.

At that time, I fell ill and was alone with my son because I got no support from my in-laws in taking care of my son. But chanting deeply from my heart daily, I realised a great strength within me and in a week all the medicines given by the doctor worked for my son.

My son recovered from his breathing problem. Soon I called my friend and told her that the law worked for me and my son and to tell me more about it.

She came to my home and told me everything about this Buddhist philosophy; how to pray, how to chant and also that I should make a target to achieve a healthy life for my son free from all illness he was suffering from.

I set my target date to be 25 Aug 2014 and started chanting to achieve it for my son. Many times I got distracted but the members always supported me. My friend would come to my house to chant with me, encourage me and instils a hope within me that I could do it for my son’s good health.

I started doing daimoku regularly and also start attending the meetings.

On 22 Aug 2014 my son completed 1 year of medication. On 23 Aug, I took my son to cardiologist as the doctor told me that he could recover in 2 and a half year but the chances were low. But my determination could not be stopped and I knew that my son will recover within 1 year and that’s what I wanted from Gohonzhon.

I would like to quote a gosho line –

Strengthen your resolve more than ever. Ice is made of water but it is colder than water. Blue dye comes from indigo but something is repeatedly dyed in it, the colour is better than that of Indigo plant itself. The Lotus Sutra remains the same but if you repeatedly strengthen your resolve, your colour will be better from others and you will receive more blessings then they do.

Strong faith is the key. I went to the room with my son. As the diagnosis started I began chanting for my son.

The reports came and after seeing them, my heart felt so much lighter as my son had fully recovered from the illness and has no trace of any heart problem. I showed the reports to my family doctor for a second opinion and he said that my son is healthy and there is no need to worry anymore.

After hearing this I paid gratitude to the Gohonzon. My husband was also very happy, even though he was quite “shocked” as to how this miracle happened.

Now, he too believes in the limitless power of the Gohonzon and has full trust in the law.

My faith has become stronger towards this Mystic Law.

“Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like a roar of lion that what sickness can therefore be an obstacle.”

In Soka Gakkai, I have learnt to be happy and spread happiness to all.


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