Do not lose heart

I am Rajesh, a veteran journalist with over 32 years’ experience. Today, I will like to share my experience in becoming a follower of this beautiful life philosophy of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.

Way back in 2007, a friend in Central Bank of India introduced me to chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, when I was undergoing several crises relating to my job, finances and relationships.

Thanks to the chanting, a big government house was allotted to me in Panchkula. I also overcame a major financial crisis the same year but soon squandered all the money. My friend filled up my application form to introduce me but he was informed that journalists could not become BSG members.

Still, I chanted on and off and was getting guidance online from a Ghaziabad-based member who was active on internet at that time. I also subscribed to Value Creation.

In 2011, I requested my friend to try again for my membership but he asked me to contact another journalist who was a BSG member, who in turn gave me a contact number but it was not to be.

In 2012, I got a financial bonanza when I sold my plot. I was chanting at that time but soon it became irregular and I made foolish investments and squandered away the money once again. I resigned from the newspaper where I had been working since 1986 due to clash of ideals.

I believe that journalism should be humane and not sensational. I joined another organisation but had to leave it in 2013 after I was not paid my salary. I launched my own business and started a news portal and a weekly newspaper in 2014. However, due to bad financial karmas, the businesses have proved to be a big financial loss. However, I was chanting off-an-on and listening to Gongyo through internet all these years.

The turning point came last year when I determined that I would chant regularly. In July-August last year, I rejoined few groups on the net which follow Daishonin’s philosophy. With the support of friends online, I increased my Daimoku from 2 minutes to over three hours a day.

I started studying Sensei’s writings and Gosho and reciting morning and evening Gongyo. But once again, in September, I was shocked when Haryana Government cancelled my press accreditation and house allotment as well. I increased my chanting and started subscribing to Value Creation again.

I have had several victories of overcoming adverse relationship situations, shifting of house, provision of funds at appropriate junctures and so on. I have chronicled my day-to-day victories, even routine ones, in one of the faith groups on the net, frequently to encourage others as part of my efforts in kosen-rufu.

In spite of earlier setbacks, I continued with my determination to become a BSG member as I felt that I am a disciple of Sensei and Nichiren Daishonin and committed to kosen-rufu and my Human Revolution.

This time, I contacted an existing member at the BSG Cultural Centre, Delhi in August last year after I learnt that many journalists were BSG members!

One such member from Panchkula even visited my home in September or October and we chanted together. He assured me to introduce me, but again nothing happened. I met another journalist friend a little later, he too assured to introduce me, but again there were no results.

I did not lose heart and kept chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, with a strong wish that I will become a BSG member now and attended the January 2015 Zadankai.

Meanwhile, through the internet, Denise Deniknola talked to someone in India regarding my membership and I was contacted by another member on 3 January. I was overjoyed when the misconception that journalists could not become BSG members as per the earlier guidelines was finally cleared. He gave me the Liturgy Book and advised me to connect to Sensei’s heart and pray regarding my membership.

He told me he would try that I attend the Zadankai on 25 January. I met him again and we chanted daimoku and did Gongyo together. I expressed my strong desire to make contribution to BSG, which only a member can do.

He emailed me the guest introduction and guest membership forms and I sent back the scanned copies. I was praying that I will dedicate myself to kosen-rufu.

I received a message inviting me to Gosho meeting and the address in Mohali where the contribution was to be made. And it was done thanks to Gohonzon.

Today, I once again determined that I will dedicate myself to kosen-rufu and prove myself to be a disciple of Nichiren Daishonin and Sensei.

I am grateful to Denise in America who is sending me Volume 1 of Human Revolution as a “gift” and another friend in Gurgaon who is sending me her copy of the New Human Revolution. I was also blessed to get free access to other Sensei’s books on the online Open Library.

I am committed to faith, practice and study.

Thank you!!


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