Just chant

There was tremendous enthusiasm for growth and achieving success in me. I was new to Singapore. Life seemed perfect for me.

I was happy, calm and fearless. I was just busy in my daily routine which involved working hard in the office, learning new things and accepting challenges. I thought I was strategic, clever and practical.

Sometimes, I questioned the very existence of God. I had my own theories for which I did not have correct answers. I knew a little about “Nam-myoho-renge-kyo”.

I practiced it to be positive and focused. I wanted to get a job in Singapore as my visa was running out in the UK. I chanted few minutes randomly having the faith that I would get a job.

I searched for the job extensively and put my savings for coming to Singapore. In merely a week’s time, I got a job as a network engineer in an MNC. It was like a magic to me.

Things really were happening to me. I was on the moon and was having a great time working in that organization. This chanting gave me hope, faith, happiness and really motto to live my life.
However, there was a turning point where I had to refine my thoughts, faith and prayers for Nichiren Buddhism.

It’s was a heart-breaking news that I got from my family that my mother got a closed brain injury and she has been hospitalized. It was a difficult time, at night I got this news and I prepared myself to see my mother and help her to recover.

Doctors said she has subdural hematoma due to which all the four quadrant of the brain got severe bleeding.  I flew to New Delhi airport after booking my flight. Next day, I saw my mother on a hospital bed in a drowsy state, I tried to talk to her, she spoke to me little and closed her eyes. I was worried because no one knew what was happening. I spoke to the doctor and he said we will have to wait and watch to see her progress.

I was in a shock and was feeling helpless. I knew that there was something wrong here.  I could not feel satisfied and wanted more help.

I began enquiring and investigating about her treatment, for me it was a first time experience and I realized no one was bothered about my mother in that hospital.

I started chanting seriously and then started contacting other hospital doctors. We took the summary report with a lot of difficulty. I went to a big hospital where I tried to contact a neurology doctor who was not available, and then I thought of looking for a different hospital. While returning back, I realized that I should talk to a neurosurgeon who can at least guide me where to admit my mother. I found a doctor, Raj Kumar who saw my mother’s city scan and was shocked as the injury was really very serious. He said to bring my mother and shall begin to treat my mother.

I hoped that thing will be alright and I chanted whenever I got time. Doctor said this kind of injury is really dangerous and if the bleeding does not stop it can become deadly. As per the x-ray report the bleeding was excessive and reached all four quadrant of the brain.

We were really scared but the hope we had was Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo and my increasing faith of my mother’s fighting spirit.

The next morning, I saw my mother who wanted to go home and was unaware of what was going on in her brain. The doctor said her consciousness might worsen and she can also go to coma. Even after listening to this, I was hopeful on the absolute mantra of life.

With minutes, hours my faith increased. I cried many times because of the uncertainty and potential threats to my mother’s health. I helped my mother to have some food and juice. She was not feeling to have anything.

Day by day I saw her health getting worse.

Still we hoped for her better health and happiness. I chanted randomly without thinking about my surrounding. There was a prayer room inside the hospital where I prayed morning and evening. Each time I come out of room I felt strong and determined.

I was trying to contact the Singapore Soka Association (SSA) to know more about the prayers . I also started reading online literature about Nichiren Daishonin.

On the back of my mind I was just imagining my mother coming out of all the dangers and sickness.

It was 27 August when I trying to reach SSA through phones, I received a call from the doctor, asking me to rush to the ICU as my mother was having difficulty in breathing and they would like to give her ventilator support.

I disconnected the call I was on, rushed to the hospital chanting in my car. My brother and sister were along with me. I was scared and extremely worried on the whole situation.

We agreed to have my mother on tracheotomy and ventilator support. We are restless and extremely worried.

I told everyone to pray and chant. I chanted for hours for my mother. I developed a profound faith in my mother’s recovery. My mother was kept on ventilator support for 10 more days. But our constant fight and chanting helped us to get our mother back.

After doctors removed her ventilator, she was infected with lung infection which was fatal again. Day after day we were having bad thoughts and we were suppressing them with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

The chanting helped us to get my mother back. She is still not able properly walk and get sick sometimes but I have complete faith.

I wish this world can understand Nichiren Buddhism.

So be positive and do good with others. I am still learning to be positive and good with others but with this Buddhism one day I will be completely happy.


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