Accepting my karma

Dear Sensei,

I would like to show my gratitude feeling toward you for propagating the Mystic Law to the rest of the world by reporting to you my Victory and share them with the SGI members.

My name is Winnie Tay from Singapore and I start chanting on 21 January 2013.

In 2011, when one of my relative (Sam) came to me that he had huge debt with both legal bank and un-legal money lenders and hope I could help him. I decided to help him with my savings and to the extent of borrowing loans from banks up to SGD200k with the commitment that he would repay me a certain amount monthly.

However a year later, Sam again came to me for money. This time I was unable to help him as I had already gotten myself in debt with all the banks. Based on my income, I had no way to pay all the banks, so they started sending me all types of reminder via SMS, phone, lawyer letter, etc.

I was stressed, moody, angry, frustrated and suffering from insomnia. WHY ME!! I started to put the blame and shouted at Sam for putting me in this bad situation.

There was one incident where upon receiving a reminder call from a bank, I just broke down and started crying in the middle of the road. I knew I need to seek advice or I would go crazy.

In 2013, I shared with my sister my financial issues and she told me maybe to seek help from Singapore Soka Association (SSA). I still remember the first question I asked her was, “Do I need to pay”, which she answered “No”.

Without any further delay, I called up this MD, Cris Chia and we arranged our first meeting the very next day. He shared with me how he overcame his financial issues and encouraged me to start chanting with a goal.

I started chanting the night itself after the first meeting and began to join all SSA activities like funeral ceremonies, prayer sessions, and discussion meetings, and joined the White Phoenix group.

In February, during one of the chanting sessions, I broke down and cried, and kept asking “WHY ME! WHY ME!” But I did not give up and continued to chant, read Sensei guidance, searched online to understand more about this Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism religion.

I attended one of the study meetings and the leader shared that by chanting “7 Million Daimoku – All Good Fortune will follow you even when you rejected it”. After hearing this, “I am also very keen to see ‘What will happen to me”.

My breakthrough was when my leader asked me to chant to enshrine Gohonzon on 28 April 2013. Immediately, I set this prayer and chanted for 3 to 5 hours a day. A few days later, I accepted what was happening to me as my karma. This was my first victory of changing my mind set.

For my finance loan problem, I managed to seek Credit Counseling Singapore help by reducing all my loan interest from 24% to 2.5%. Although every month almost 60% of my salary went to repay the loans for the next 3 to 4 years, I accepted this as my karma and no longer blamed Sam or anyone. I became more positive and happy, viewing all my problems very differently.

Sensei has this phase which I love, “Complaints erase good fortune, and Grateful prayer builds happiness for all eternity”.

I completed my first ONE Million daimoku in 5 months and my fortune was I managed to share this Buddhism with my best friend and she even attended one of our monthly discussion meeting and Sunday World Peace Gongyo.

I am determined to overcome all problems and become a much stronger person through the power of this law.

Thank you.



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