“Put your complete faith in the Gohonzon and pray with all your being”

I am Sonal Sharma, I came into this wonderful philosophy around one and a half year ago.

I was introduced to this life transforming practice through my aunt. Initially, it was difficult for me to accept this practice, as I used to think it is a kind of meditation, and how chanting could solve my problems or change my karmas.

As I was confused, my aunt took me to one of the leaders and she made me understand this beautiful Busshist practice. After listening to her experiences I also got motivated and started practicing sincerely and regularly for my morning and evening gongyo and daimoku.

Sensei said:

“Put your complete faith in the Gohonzon and pray with all your being. To realize your prayers and transform your karma, it is vital to have firm conviction in faith. The power of the Gohonzon is absolute. The purpose of Buddhism is to enable all people to become happy”. (Value Creation, Oct 2012).

I believed in this and I was sure enough that no matter what, I will practice and with firm faith in this Mystic Law and surely Gohonzon will give the best to my family and my prayers will be answered.

I started chanting for both my sisters – my elder sister who was 29 years and was not married yet. And at the same time my younger sister was not getting job.

My family was searching a groom for my elder sister. Many people said that she won’t get a groom at this age and some said she won’t be happy after marriage. We all were worried for her and also for my younger sister as we had taken an educational loan from bank and the interest was increasing day by day.

I chanted regularly and did my gongyo, home visits and attended meetings, and with the firm faith in Gohonzon I was sure my prayers will be answered.

And yes the day came when my prayers were answered. In June 2012, my younger sister cleared her interview and without any reference she got placed in a very good organization on a good package and recently she even got an increment. And we all together repaid the entire loan.

Everyone was happy.

I kept on chanting for my elder sister that she may get a kosen-rufu life partner.

On 13 Aug 2012, I experienced another victory when my sister got engaged and she is happily married and now we all are waiting to welcome kosen-rufu baby as a new member to our family.

I had chanted to eradicate my sister’s negative karma and yes, they have changed into positive. I believe now with firm conviction and faith in the Gohonzon and the Lotus Sutra, we can change our negative karma’s into positive.

With these victories I take a firm resolution that I will surely keep on practicing and strengthen my Faith every day, and show more victories and work for kosen-rufu tirelessly, this is a beautiful Buddhist practice and has shown me the way to believe in myself.


2 thoughts on ““Put your complete faith in the Gohonzon and pray with all your being”

  1. glad it work out for you, as for myself.. i will still chant.. i’m going to be out of job soon.. and yet to secure any.. wish me luck and hope..

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