“Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is like the roar of a lion”

The challenges faced with her parents’ health, instead of despairing over her situation, this YWD faced the obstacles head-on with daimoku and whole-heartedly immersed herself in Gakkai activities. Read on to see what happened in the end.

Hi. I am an YWD practicing Nichiren Daishonin’s life changing philosophy since April 2009.

Last year in February, the ugly face of health karma erupted in my family when both my parents became seriously ill.

My mother suffered from a serious viral infection and my father was diagnosed with a severe heart ailment.

They were alone in my hometown and I had no option but to go there to take care of them. This jeopardized my job as it was not possible to get a long leave.

I decided to challenge the situation with strong Daimoku and a firm determination and at the same time to transmit a strong life force to my parents for them to be able to recover.

The pressure of taking care of my parents and of returning back to work kept mounting on me.

At the same time, an untimely death in the family triggered negative reactions and my parent’s health further deteriorated.

My father was hospitalized in a semi conscious state and the doctors informed me that his electrolyte levels had dipped way below normal and the heart-pumping rate had also dropped to dangerous levels.

In short, his life was in danger.

The doctors were very negative about the situation and it seemed that they had lost all hope.

I could not imagine life without my father and I determined to bring him back alive and well from the hospital. I decided not to live out of fear but strength.

We chanted abundant Daimoku and I reminded myself of this line from the Gosho – “Believe in this Mandala with all your heart. Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle?”

I realized that this was a moment of truth.

This was the moment where I had the opportunity to prove the limitless power of the Gohonzon and that this was a true test of my Faith.

I am determined to report victory for the sake of the Law, for my mentor’s sake and for the sake of my members.

I immersed myself into the practice and deepened my study. I would chant day and night, travel for 12 to 16 hours to attend Byakuren meetings and do Byakuren duties.

I am determined to help all YWD members in my district to grow and in spite of the tense situation in my life; I was always in a high life condition to encourage everyone.

My father’s recovery on the other hand was like a roller coaster. Although he was discharged from hospital once, but within a few weeks he collapsed three times where his heart beat stopped and he had to be given shocks to be bought back to life.

He was diagnosed with ‘arrhythmia with syncope’. Doctors told us that this ailment is non-curable.

The only solution was to implant ICD, a device that corrects heart rhythm. My father had lost a lot of weight and was fragile and doctors were not sure about the success of the surgery.

Heavy funds were required and since our business was at a standstill and I had no job, the inflow was zero.

In spite of the hopeless situation, I based my struggle on Faith and decided to go ahead with the surgery and prayed to the Gohonzon for everything to fall in place.

I held on to the practice like a lifeline.

I remembered that Sensei challenged every situation with earnest Daimoku and I did the same.

I reminded myself that I had the Gosho, the Gohonzon, the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra and I had Sensei.

I never feared and never lost hope but continued to believe that Daimoku when chanted with the conviction that my life is the entity of the mystic Law cannot fail to draw a response from the Gohonzon.

Sincere and committed practice enabled me to arm myself with energy, courage, confidence, wisdom and good fortune to battle all that I was facing.

The practice gave me the conviction that I will emerge a winner.

I struggled alongside my mother to show actual proof and demonstrate the power of the Gohonzon.
My karma had become my mission.

I re-opened my business store and set about arranging for the funds for the surgery.

The date was fixed but in the midst of all this, I myself met with a fatal accident and suffered a minor brain hemorrhage and memory loss….but those who treasure the Gohonzon will in turn be treasured by the Gohonzon, as well as by all Buddhas and Buddhist gods throughout the three existences and the ten directions.

The power of my Faith in the Gohonzon and the power of my practice bought me and my father protection. In a matter of 45 days, he survived 9 arrhythmia attacks.

I continued chanting and praying for the happiness of my members and also had the good fortune of enshrining our own Gohonzon.

I am now happy to report that the funds for my father’s surgery were arranged well before the date and that the surgery was successful and he is stable and happy. I have also shakabukued him and he is now a seeking BSG member.

I would like to thank the Gohonzon, our eternal mentor Nichiren Daishonin, Sensei Ikeda and all my leaders & members who supported us in the trying times, without whom my victory seemed impossible.

I would like to thank my mother who stood like a pillar of strength for the family when everyone was in despair.

I would also like to thank my boss who retained me despite my absence for 9 months.

Today, I determine to live as a proud Ikeda Kayo Kai, strengthen my bond with Sensei and make him proud by creating value in all areas of my life.

Thank you all.


6 thoughts on ““Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is like the roar of a lion”

  1. I am frm Delhi I also want to be member of your organization in Delhi so,kindly do the needful please..please from last 2 years I want to trying to become member.
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  2. Thank you very much for sharing your testmonials, it’s very inspiring and encourageous and admire your strong faith and endeavours in struggling all the obstacles and final victory you achieved. Hurray !

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