“What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely”

Whenever we encounter any problems, we need to chant sincerely to the Gohonzon and seek our leaders’ guidance, and must not practice by yourself in isolation, to overcome the deadlocks. Pritee Chauhan from India realised that and achieve victories over her karma.

I am Pritee Chauhan and have been practicing this wonderful life changing philosophy for more than 3 years. I am here to share my change in perspective in viewing life issues and winning over them on a daily basis.

For better understanding of my story, I will take you in the past, when I was pursuing my B.tech from a reputed college and was seeking for placement in 2007. Being the top 5 student in the class, I was confident about my placement in a good company.

I really studied hard to pass aptitude tests and interviews but failed every time. So, I become an engineer with no job in hand.

To continue my job struggle, I joined a course in Noida and was preparing for interviews as well; however things had not moved an inch. Side by side I thought of going for competitive exams for higher studies and in 2008 I got selected in a refined college, which had high fee structure.

Ignoring its high fees, I accepted the admission, took education loan and went to Chandigarh for higher studies. As far as the academics were concern, I was among the toppers again and in ever semester I earned scholarship from the college, which has reduced my loan amount.

Everything was going very smooth and happy. While pursuing my higher studies, one of my friends was facing a great struggle in her life. Despite of all, she was clam and dealing her life issues very firmly.

I was very impressed by her and insisted her to introduce me to this wonderful philosophy.

I chanted for her, for my members, friends, family, and for myself and reported so many small and big victories to Ikeda Sensei.

I started attending Gakkai meetings and taking part in Gakkai activities wholeheartedly. I myself felt the power of daimoku, which had brought positive changes in my life.

By the end of my higher studies in Jan 2010, it was again time for placement, I chanted for the right job and right package.

At the initial days of practice my study of Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism was weak and I was not able to understand my deep rooted financial and job karma.

I went back to my hometown on 15 Feb 2010, with no job. Then within 15 days I went for an interview and got selected and started my job on 13 March 2010.

However, I was not very convinced about this job, as the kind of work was not of my choice and the salary they were giving was very less, which only cover my loan repayment installment.

Following Sensei guidance – “be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path”, I continued to chant for the desired job and was working earnestly, with no regrets, as a lecturer fulfilling my duties with whole heart.

I continue to strive in my Gakkai activities and in December 2010, I got an opportunity to work in the corporate sector. I joined the firm on 24 Jan 2011, and continue to learn about my new professional world.

During this time, I was not able to concentrate on my Gakkai activities though I chanted regularly but was practicing in isolation.

Because of my passive practice, I was not able to handle the cumulative negative effects of relationship karma, living alone, handling new projects and politics at workplace. I was chanting but there was no improvement.

Then I seek guidance from a senior in faith, and I came to know I was chanting in the wrong direction. This made me realize the importance of discussing and sharing issues with leaders and seeking their guidance in practice.

I chanted earnestly and one day I decided to leave my first corporate job on 27 May 2011. However, I was not disheartened.

I was back to my home town. My parents and my brother supported me and ensured me not to worry about the loan. Leaders come to visit me and guided me, I read the Gosho, Sensei’s guidance and chanted earnestly for myself and for my members.

At the time of my struggle I was touched by Ikeda Sensei’s words – “Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances nothing will change. What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. If we do this, a path will open before us.”

On 13 August 2011, I made the breakthrough and got a job, though the salary was not good but it was kind of job I was chanting for. The office environment was very good and over a period of time, my work was highly appreciated.

But this was not the end.

In January 2012, my financial and job karma appeared again as I got the news that the company was winding-up.

I started looking for a job and through the guidance of my leaders, I chanted for my prayer to materialise no matter what. I got an immense protection from Gohonzon and within a week, I got a similar job but with higher pay.

The company is well established though the struggle will continue because they work on hire and fire policy.

I am happy to report that on 14 February 2013, I will have completed one year of service with this organization.

Recently, I got a job offer with almost 50 per cent more pay. I chanted whether I should join the company and decided not to because of their odd shift hours.

After my decision, the very next day the CEO of the company came and told me that he likes my work and dedication and is seeking a senior position in organization for me.

I am also happy to report that, in February 2013, I will be giving last installment of my education loan.

With my experience, I want to convey this message to all that whenever you have a deadlock, chant in front of Gohonzon for the right guidance from leaders and always share your problems with leaders, read Ikeda Sensei’s struggles and guidance, attend meetings, participate in Gakkai activities and never hesitate to share your problem.


8 thoughts on ““What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely”

  1. Hi Deepali,

    My pleasure that you got motivated from my experience. Please chant from your heart and realise your mission where you are working. Also, chant to have a job with BEAUTY, BENEFIT, and GOOD.

    And thanks Crystal ……..

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I’m also practicing in isolation .reading ur experience helps that I’m not alone. .. I’m also encountering job and relationship karma.. Hope to see changes soon in my life. Thanks for ur advice!

  3. Hi Preeti,
    I am going through the same situation, may be yours was better. Please let me know how should I start it. Let me know your email id where I can let you know in detail.

  4. Thank for sharing , I have used your suggestion “to talk to leader , read Mr Ikeda guidance” and I will 100% overcome this difficulties into an opportunity.
    3 Cheers !!!… SSA – Winnie

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