No prayers of the votary of the Buddha will go unanswered

In his guidance, President Ikeda said that no prayer to the Gohonzon goes unanswered. The Mystic Law is a great teaching that enables us to change poison into medicine. Through faith we can transform all sufferings into something positive and beneficial, and develop a higher state of life. Through her unwavering faith in the Gohonzon, not only did Rekha have her prayer answered, she also achieved her human revolution to become a better person. 

I am Mridula from India.  I’ve been practicing this life changing Buddhism for the past 5 years now.

Today I am sharing the experience of Rekha, whom I shakubuku.

Rekha was my neighbor and going through a hard time financially. I introduced her to Nichiren Buddhism and began her practice.

Things really started to change for Rekha and her family. She was living in a dilapidated house with no proper windows. All of a sudden, her husband who was jobless got a job in the Gulf with a nominal salary.

But as stated on the Gosho“When the Buddha nature manifest from within, you get protection from without”.

Rekha started building a new house with the minimum of money she had and we were all worried how she would go ahead with it, as well as paying the architect.

The power of the Gohonzon is unfathomable. Everything fell into place in no time when her house was being built as she put her faith before everything. During this time, she managed to rent a place to stay just next to the new house .

As Ikeda sensei said, “Faith has the power to move the universe.”

After the house was built, Rekha and her family encountered a financial problem and I encouraged her to chant for a solution.

She was offered a job in Israel even though she had no prior experience as well as qualification.

But, for every step in her life, she only relied on the Gohonzon with unquestionable faith while she was working for the first time in a land where she did not even know how to speak the language.

Today, Rekha is proud to report she has become computer savvy and has been well appreciated where she worked.

I am very proud that she never loses faith in the Gohonzon.

We were chanting that she must get a salary above 50,000 but today she is drawing much more than that. She also got an award from the Government for her services.

Used to be a shy and timid person, Rekha is now a confident lady who not only can speak English well; she is also fluent in Hebrew, the language spoken in Israel.

On behalf of her, with immense gratitude I share her feelings of appreciation and her promise to Ikeda Sensei and to dedicate her life to kosen-rufu and to achieve the impossible.


7 thoughts on “No prayers of the votary of the Buddha will go unanswered

  1. thanks Mridula, for sharing Rekhas experience with us. i am charged now,,,,and with full conviction and faith i would be reaching my goal soon..

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