When in danger, chant

What should we do when faced with danger? As practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, the first thing we should do is to chant for the safest solution to get out of the situation. This WD did just that when she was confronted by a group of stray dogs that were about to attack her.

I graduated from university 9 years ago and started to look for a job via a recruitment agency.

They submitted my resume to a Japanese company and were called for an interview.

When I got there, I was shocked that it was not a proper building but a temporary site office, one that looked much like a prefabricated container, or whatever you wanted to call it.

It was a 2-storey building.  When you walked on the second level, people downstairs could hear your footsteps loud and clear. It was that kind of building.

After the interview finished, I decided to take a short cut across a field that was about as wide as a football field in order to get to a bus stop. I noticed there were a few stray dogs in the distance on my right but I took no notice of them as I was just passing by.

As I approached the midway point in the field, they started to bark at me. Still, I ignored them and kept going straight towards the bus stop, thinking that as long as I do not disturb them, they will not come after me.

Oh how wrong I was.

They got up and barked and ran towards me. I panicked.

What should I do? What should I do? There were 5 or 6 of them surrounding me, jumping at me and barking madly away.

They were so near I could feel their warm and damp breath on my legs. In fact, the tips of their noses were just a few milimetres away from my legs!

They were going to bite me at any moment, I am sure.

I froze as I was scared stiff. Now, I was going to land in the hospital with 2 badly mauled legs, I thought.

Maybe these stray dogs might even have rabies!

What should I do? There were no passers-by near me; no one to help me.

I had to get myself out of this mad situation. If only there were a helicopter here to airlift me out right now!

Of course there was none in the sky. I thought of fleeing but I could not as I was wearing high heels.

No way I could outrun a bunch of crazy dogs, I thought.

How about I took off my high heels and run?

Maybe there would be a slim chance of outrunning them though I may not be a sprint runner?

That was impossible too, as in order to take off my shoes, I needed to bend over and those dogs were way too near for me to do that; I just had no space.

Besides if I ran, that would provoke their instinct to give chase and attack. I gulped. Should I continue walking towards the bus stop?

Then I realized I could not do that, as that was the very reason why they came after me.

How about walking back the way I came?

I looked down and realized I had no space to make a u-turn to walk back because the dogs were so near me!

Oh Gohonzon, what should I do now? I wanted to cry.

My heart was pounding like mad, I felt as if it was going to jump out of my mouth at any moment.

I chanted and chanted in my heart while I stood there wondering what I should do.

Then, my lucky break came as 2 or 3 of the stray dogs parted way a little. So there was space for me to turn around and walked back.

This I did, as rapidly as I could, while fighting the instinct to run. I chanted fervently in my heart that those crazy dogs would not give chase.

Thank goodness they did not.

I am very thankful to Gohonzon that I was able to use my Buddha wisdom to get out of a potentially dangerous situation safely.

Ikeda sensei once said to the effect that those who fight hard for kosen-rufu will definitely be protected by all the shoten zenjin. How very true this is!


5 thoughts on “When in danger, chant

  1. hi. i read a report about a female jogger who was attacked by a pack of wild dogs. there was a photo of her wounds; some were deep & needed stitches & some were not so deep. you were definitely protected by Gohonzon!

  2. Gracias por compartir la experiencia. Mi caso es que estuve haciendo el mantra durante 4 meses una hora diaria, no obtuve ningún cambio ni resultado. Para mi el mantra no tiene ningun poder. Saludos


  3. Estimado Carlos, estoy usando la traducción de Google para enviar esta mssage para usted. Espero que usted puede leer esto.

    Por favor, intente cantar con el corazón puro y sincero. He estado practicando este maravilloso budismo desde hace más de 30 años y puedo dar fe de sus grandes beneficios. Cuando canto, enfocar sus ojos en el “mio” y escuchar su voz como cantas. ¿Es tu voz rítmica? ¿Es fuerte? ¿O es que suene cansado? Cuando uno canta con voz cansada, shoten zenjin (dioses budistas) se muestran reacios a un prestará su poder, por lo que debemos cantar con gran alegría, y cantar para ser capaz de tocar el núcleo central de nuestra vida. Gohonzon es una torre del tesoro, y ya que tienen la suerte de encontrar este budismo, ¿por qué no darle otra oportunidad? No hay ningún daño. Recuerde que ninguna oración quedará sin respuesta. Dado que ninguna religión garantiza una cura instantánea para nuestros problemas, sólo tenemos que perseverar en nuestras oraciones. Por favor, no te rindas Carlos.

  4. Carlos: El cambio debe venir desde tu corazón. Nam Myoho Rengue Kyo es infalible.
    As the Gosho reads, “Spare no effort in offering prayers with firm faith. It is not that my resolve (to save you) is weak. Rather, it depends on the strength of each person’s faith.”

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