Be responsible for your karma

Things in our lives usually happen for a reason and as practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism, we should take such opportunities to deepen our faith and overcome our karma, as well as do human revolution. Deepika Khorana did that and eventually achieved victories.

Today is another opportunity for me to share my victory with you all. This practice has really helped me to grow as a person in totality. It has also given me the opportunity to clearly reflect on my inner self and change from within.

After I was appointed as block chief, I can feel the difference in attitude towards my prayers.

Recently, I got an opportunity to go to US. This news made me happy, as well as sad.

Sad, as I was worried about my mom for I never stayed away from her.

I took the guidance and chanted a lot to be able to go ahead in the visa process and take this opportunity as a challenge. But my visa got rejected.

Again, I was happy and sad.  I would be with Mom but the visa rejection would hinder my growth in office.

However, I took it in my stride without getting frustrated and dejected.

I sat in front of the Gohonzon and chant to have a clearer picture in front of me. I was sure that my staying back was an arrangement of the Gohonzon.

After a few days, I met with an accident, which caused ligament fracture, and I was not able to walk for 10 days.

My hemoglobin (HB) was also very low which made me more worried to overcome this problem.

The moment the accident happened, the first thing that came to my mind was that what a great protection for me.

This is because if this happened in a new country, then there would have been a big problem.

I asked for 2 days leave from office and also asked for the permission to work from home for the next 15 days.

As a result to my earnest prayers, I got permission to work from home.

During these 15 days, I did a lot of appreciation daimoku, filled with deep gratitude to get such a kosen-rufu job. Also, I studied Sensei’s guidance and the Gosho.

After my leg recovered, I took the challenge to go to Chennai to encourage my member that I had shakubuku.

Despite my low HB, I never felt weak and never took a single leave from office because of this. I was able to balance my office, home and Gakkai activities.

I was a person full of grudges but this practice has taught me to accept whatever that comes my way and to become confident.

I started taking responsibility of my karma and prayed very earnestly for my own growth as a capable disciple of Sensei.

In Dec, I again got the opportunity to apply for the visa again and this time, I am happy to report that I got the visa.

My next challenge was to travel alone and to stay alone tin the US as my colleague did not get the visa.

This time I was more confident because I had full faith in the Gohonzon and I know I have the master key with me that will help me to handle all challenging situations.

The US trip was amazing as I visited gaikan there and was very happy to meet with the US members and got the opportunity to know about their experiences.

In my company’s office there, I received a very warm welcome and that made my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. I also got the opportunity to visit New York and Niagara Falls, which is such a beautiful natural falls.

I got to know about my hidden capabilities in the US and life has changed in many beautiful ways.

I cooked myself and took care for my health and came back with good memories.

Today, I can see a bright future ahead in front of me with lots of opportunities.

Now, I chant daily in spite of my busy working hours, studied VC and the Gosho, undertake various Gakkai activities and attend all the meetings. I never miss a single chance to encourage my members through the phone, home visit and online.

Now, I am determined to start working as a youth of Sensei’s vision, a youth who is never defeated. I am also determined to dedicate my entire life to walk the path of kosen–rufu as shown by my mentor.


5 thoughts on “Be responsible for your karma

  1. Dear Deepika,

    I am very grateful for sharing your testmonial with us that ‘s really inspirative and encourageous …wish all you always good health !


  2. By sharing these wonderful practical experiences the faith in kosen–rufu increases day by day and encourages the chanters lyke us to never loose hope……Thanks for this piece of inspiration to lead us in the path of enlightment to achieve victory………..

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