“Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is the finest of all varieties of medicine”

No matter what circumstances we face, regardless of how hopeless the situations may seem, we should continue to have absolute faith in the Gohonzon and chant strong daimoku. This is what Lucy Fong, a WD did, when faced with a life-threatening illness and together with her husband’s support, she finally overcame this negative karma.

Nichikan Shonin stated: “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is the finest of all varieties of medicine. In other words, through our faith, each of us can individually exceed the limitations of all conventional and contemporary medicine and through the battle against any illness, we can grow as human beings overcome this illness and strive in body and mind for a transformation in our personal lives.

The power of Daimoku is enormous!

We don’t have to grieve about anything as we bring forth a courageous, valiant spirit becoming people with a core of unbending steel as we change the devil king into the shoten zenjin ( protective forces ) who protect the Mystic Law.

Your faith is like the waxing moon or the rising tide. Be deeply convinced, then, that your illness cannot possibly persist and that your life cannot fail to be extended! Take care of yourself and do not burden your mind with grief.”

I took up faith in 1983, 29 years ago. All these while being a selfish person; I have been practising solely for the benefit of my immediate family; whereby the Daishonin taught that we must practice for oneself and for others, and to have faith, practice and study.

My husband used to explain Buddhism to me, on how we can live a happy and meaningful life, but it always fall on deaf ears.

He said l will only be awakened if l myself encounter a big problem or when he is no longer in this world. This was really true. I was awakened after I was diagnosed with breast cancer 6 years ago.

In 2006, my husband suffered a terrible back pain which led him to go for a medical check-up.

At the hospital, there was this breast cancer awareness campaign. My husband insisted that l sign up for this check-up, as he knew l have been avoiding this for the past 2 years, due to my fear of having such sickness.

This is all the more so when I have already experienced a lump in my breast at an early stage. I realised that I have developed a phobia for sickness and death after l saw how my friend’s daughter died of cancer at the age of 19.

Due to the treatment, she is bald with certain part of her body rotten and the cancer developed to a cauliflower-look. From there, l always avoids every news or article about cancer.

So on 10 November 2006, my husband accompanied me to do a mammogram followed by a scan.

The results were unfavourable. The scan showed white spots in my breast and l was then referred to a surgeon to do a biopsy on me.

The results came back was negative. As the lump in my breast was very obvious at that time, the doctor suggested having the lump removed for further examination.

On the 13 November 2006, l underwent an operation to remove the lump which lasted for an hour and during the whole time, my husband was chanting for me outside the OT room.

The next day, the result confirmed that I was positive with breast cancer. The doctor advised me that it was better to remove the whole breast and lymph nodes as soon as possible.

I was shock!

I almost lost my mind, but with the calm manner from my husband, I somehow managed to pull myself together.

He later congratulated me and quoted a passage from the Gosho: ” If one’s heavy karma from the past is not expiated within this lifetime, one must undergo the sufferings of hell in the future, but if one experiences extreme hardship in this life ( because of the Lotus Sutra ), the sufferings of hell will vanish instantly.”

Life for everyone is a struggle against the sufferings of birth, old age, sickness, and death. Happiness is not in the absence of problems or worries; it is most important for us not to be defeated, no matter what obstacle we may face.

From here on, there was no looking back but with strong, earnest resolved daimoku in every breath of my life for a concrete decision.

Thanks to my husband’s hours of strong daimoku with me, which never stop giving me hope and encouragement, day and night and never leave me out of his sight for a moment.

He quoted this guidance from Ikeda Sensei to me on health and illness: “Sickness and death are unavoidable in life. To experience illness is not itself misfortune, but to be defeated by illness is misfortune. A critical illness gives one a chance to think of one’s death and reflect on one’s life. One can use the suffering of illness to face these deepest issues of life and death.

While it is absurd to reject medical science, the principal factor in overcoming illness is the patient and his or her “life force.” In medical terms, it is our capacity to heal ourselves. Life force is a mystic phenomenon that transcends human understanding. It is precisely because we battle with sickness that we are able to experience first-hand the best and worst in life, allowing us to forge the strength within ourselves that will never succumb. That time of struggle enables one to empathize with the suffering of the sick.”

Finally, I was strong enough.

Filled with the greatest courage of my life, I made up my mind, and with my husband, his doctor’s friend and leaders strong encouragement, l agreed to have the operation done without begrudging my life.

Through my understanding of Buddhism, this is my bad karma and I am very fortunate to meet the Gohonzon in this life to change all this poison into medicine.

On the 15 November, l had my second operation to remove the whole breast and lymph nodes. Before the operation, my husband was thinking how to convey this event to our children and if they will doubt the Gohonzon.

I called my children, and to our surprised, the first thing my daughter said was, “Mum, now 4 of us can walk together for kosen-rufu.”

At that time, she was studying in the UK. She gave me a lot of Sensei’s guidance, encouragements and actual proofs.

She said the only way to guarantee my safety and speedy recovery is for her to be more active in SGI-UK activities and to chant abundant daimoku for me.

My son (who was studying in KL) reminded me not to worry and that since Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like the lion’s roar, what sickness can therefore be an obstacle?

After hearing that, I was very touched by my children’s encouragement because they have grown as a person and in their faith.

My husband and l were truly happy from the depth of our heart.

During this operation, which lasted 3 hours, my husband was chanting for me outside operation room. When the doctor came out, he showed him the lymph nodes and told him to keep his fingers crossed and prayed that the cancerous cells have not spread to other organs because if that happened, it would be life-threatening.

When l was awake after the operation, l felt a sense of joy and a surge of great life force from within me and I was extremely happy.

Members came to visit me at the hospital and I was still able to laugh and joke around with them.

Besides that, I was able to bring myself to the toilet without any assistance. Before I was being discharged, I had a party to celebrate my 42nd birthday at the hospital and the doctor was shock at how we were so joyous.

Within a few days, without a single dose of pain killer, I was back on my feet and able to do routine works. The power of daimoku is truly unbelievable; it gave me the strong life-force and high life condition that even at this sickest time, I am still so happy and lively.

Two weeks later, I went back for a medical review, which would then determine what kind of post-cancer treatment l would have to undergo, e.g. whether do I need to go for chemotherapy or other treatments.

During the time leading up to this review, my husband and I chanted abundant daimoku for the doctor to have the greatest wisdom and compassion to prescribe me the appropriate treatment.

However, on the day of my review, the doctor was whistling while he was examining me. He was in a very cheerful mood.

After that, he read my medical report and concluded that l did not have to undergo any treatment and just put me on oral medication for 5 years.  Under “normal” circumstances, he should sent me to an oncologist.

And to be double sure of his decision, he even consulted a top doctor in KL who specialised in breast cancer. He made that consultation immediately in our presence. I was overjoyed when the doctor in KL agreed to his decision that l do not have to undergo any further treatment, apart from taking oral medication.

This was truly my prayers being answered because I feared the most that I might have to go through chemotherapy treatment.

I was really out of words to express the joy I felt at that moment! By right, the usual procedure would be to have an oncologist to prescribe the treatment.

“Never does winter fail to turn to spring.” We must never lose sight of the Daishonin’s golden words and advance with a greater vow, an earnest resolve, to change all our bad karma into a great mission to prove the power of this Mystic Law and strive for kosen rufu, regardless of what difficulties we may encounter.

I truly have received the protection of the Shoten Zenjin and l believe this is all a result of our strong daimoku, my earnest resolved and vowed to the Gohonzon that l must change this bad karma into a great mission in my life and to propagate this Buddhism for kosen-rufu.

With my actual proof and vow l have made, l was able to shakubuku my mother, my two sisters to this wonderful power of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and one of them have received the Gohonzon recently. And even more fortunate, I was able to share my experience with my husband in Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur and Klang kaikan.

Finally, l believed, with our absolute faith in the Gohonzon and strives with the spirit of our Mentor, for the happiness of all humanity, we are able to transform all our karma into a mission, and our lives can be prolonged to achieve a total victory in this life for kosen-rufu.

Thank you very much.


8 thoughts on ““Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is the finest of all varieties of medicine”

  1. Suffering Is Necessary To Bring Out the Full Flavor of Joy……The Daishonin says:

    Within the five characters of the daimoku there is not a single thing that is not included. Therefore, if we take a dose of it, we will “quickly be relieved of our sufferings.” (Gosho Zenshu, p. 755)

    Everyone is entitled to become happy. And it is the prerogative of those experiencing the greatest suffering to become the happiest. Those who work the hardest can develop their lives far more than others. This is the mystic nature of faith. People who advance together with those experiencing the greatest suffering are genuine Buddhists.

  2. Congratulations on defeating the powerful devil king! With the mighty sword of the Lotus Sutra, how can the devil king not run? Thanks for sharing this testimonial with us. It is very inspiring.

    And I also like this gosho which you quoted ” If one’s heavy karma from the past is not expiated within this lifetime, one must undergo the sufferings of hell in the future, but if one experiences extreme hardship in this life ( because of the Lotus Sutra ), the sufferings of hell will vanish instantly.”

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience with all of us. It is very inspiring and it has really encouraged me. Overcoming this challenge, and sharing it with so many people, you have really helped in furthering the great mission of kosen-rufu. I can now say my faith in the gohonzon have been strengthened by your testimonial.

    I just want everyone who’s reading to know that no matter how bleak a situation may seem, as long as we are resolute in our prayers and just chant daimoku, we can be a 100% sure that what we are praying for will actualize and that all negative karma, like those related to our health, will also be transformed; from poison to medicine. Some pessimistic thoughts can occasionally arise and might make us feel like giving up. It is okay to have such thoughts, just chant for it to go away. We just need to draw ourselves back to the very core of our faith – to believe in nam-myoho-renge-kyo and to know for a fact that chanting it, we can overcome ANY and i really mean any kind of problems. Always know that.

    Our faith and our practice together, is stronger than anything else.

  4. Elsie
    Read my experience on October 2011 .Please strengthen your faith and believe like I do that you’ve defeated Cancer and never to return in this and other lifetime.
    Congratulations on your Victory.
    I have survived Cancer for 16 years and will continue to do so.You can reach me on ( for support )

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