Slow and steady wins the race

Sometimes it is not because our prayers are not answered; we are impatient and expect to see the results immediately when more time is needed. As what Satya Srinivasan (who contributed this testimonial) said, instead of expecting instant results, we have to continously chant daimoku and do gongyo with true conviction and perseverance in order to win over our toughest obstacles.

My name is Satya Srinivasan from Delhi, India. I was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism by my bother and started practising it in June 2011.

At that time, I was going through a very tough phase of my life as I lost my husband in August 2010 due to cancer. And now I have a sole responsibility of my daughter who is very young.

Other than my brother, I don’t have many relatives to look for support. He was also struggling with nose cancer which was a shock for my entire family, friends and dear ones.

The members at my brother’s place encouraged me to start practising this Buddhism. They assured me that my prayers would be heard and answered.

They transferred me to my block (Dilshad Garden), so that I am able to practice regularly. From August 2011, I started attending the meetings at Dilshad Garden district.

As usual, I was impressed by hearing the victories of other members. I started chanting for one hour daily mainly for my brother’s recovery along with my other wishes, which are equally important to me and my child’s happiness.

However, doubts started appearing in me three months after I started.

I was getting morally down why my prayers were not being heard. My brother’s health also got deteriorated due to chemotherapy and radio therapy.

Seeing his side effects, I got so demoralized that I even started to miss my gongyo and daimoku.

At this stage, I got guidance from a senior leader who asked me to practice sincerely and earnestly for at least one year. She also asked me to have persistence and perseverance.

I worked hard as per guidance and continued my practice further. I attended all discussion and Gosho meetings, which helped me to understand the Buddhist concept.

My daughter also attended these meetings and she is an active member of Cubs Division, which she is enjoying.

I am happy to report that I have strengthened my faith and my prayers were answered when my brother’s MRI and endoscope showed that there is no sign of his ailment.

I thanked the Gohonzon and pray with gratitude. It gave me courage and the confidence to continue with my prayers.

Today, I am determined to introduce Nichiren Buddhism to my friends and relatives who are suffering from similar deep karmas.

I am also determined to continue with my prayers and practice.

I take time out of my busy schedules to attend the Gakkai meetings and though I still have many challenges, I take myself as the story of Karp who kept on trying to achieve victories.

I have a strong conviction and faith that I shall surely win over my problems and become victorious. I am praying hard so that I can share my next victory by 3 May.

I started reading human revolution and the daily guidance of Ikeda Sensei.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Slow and steady wins the race

  1. I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism since 1968. I have survived lymphoma cancer four times and pulminary edima. I have no doubt that the practice has protected me. I am 70 years of age and my mother is 98. She is lives alone with minor outside assistance such as driving which she chose to quit doing. About forty years ago I decided I wanted to write a book for Kosen Rufu. Next month (June 2012) it goes on sale at all book sellers. You can get it at my website, It will give you a new, additional incentive to keep practicing. Meanwhile should you need any more encouragement from afar, you can use the email interface on the site and I will receive your email. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

  2. wow!! thanku so much for sharing…it really inspires me to continue chanting without doubt..without regressing.i am not a member of soka gakkai..but i do chant 🙂 i treasure the philosophy….thank you so much:)

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