Daimoku & Gongyo Daily to Have Prayers Answered

Daimoku and gongyo are the two fundamental practice of Nichiren Buddhism and we, as practitioners of the Lotus Sutra, should not neglect them if we want our prayers to be answered. Following the advice from her mother, Kayna, an 8 years old Cubs Division member from Delhi, India chanted daily to overcome a challenge.  She has also learned gongyo and she is doing it everyday before she leaves for school and in the evening with her mother.  Kayna continues in her practice and is praying for her loved ones’ happiness and good health.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Kayna Gandhi and I am 8 years old. I was introduced to this practice by my masi (Aunt).

She used to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and she also taught me and I used to chant sometimes.

Then after seeing me, my mother also started chanting. Then my mother told me that if I chant regularly, I will be protected and all my wishes will come true and told me to write my list of wishes in my diary.

The first on my wish list was to visit Disneyland. So I prayed for it but the problem was that my passport had expired and it could not be renewed due to change of address.

All the agents had said no. So my mom told me to chant for my passport. She said that children have pure hearts and our prayers are answered very fast.

So I chanted everyday for 5 minutes and after one week, my mom told me that my passport problem has been solved.

In a week’s time, I got my passport. Then I chanted for my joyful visit to Disneyland and I am very happy to share that we went for a Disney vacation and had a great time.

My mom says that for every small and big thing, I must do daimoku. In every situation, happy or sad we should chant.

I have learnt to do gongyo and do it before leaving for my school and try to do evening gongyo also with my mom.

I also pray for the happiness of my parents and grandparents, my nanu’s (grandfather) sugar problem to be cured, my nani’s (grandmother) thyroid to be cured, my 4 years old cousin, Shiny’s sugar problem to be cured and also to get a puppy, a golden retriever on my birthday.

I am determined to do daimoku and gongyo everyday.

Thank you,

Kayna Gandhi
Cubs Division
Chapter-Dilshad Garden
Area- Ghaziabad
Delhi, India


7 thoughts on “Daimoku & Gongyo Daily to Have Prayers Answered

  1. Good going Kayna…Its great to read your experience.you are truly a fortune child that you encountered this practice…Keep strong in faith.
    Pooja Aunty

  2. Dear Little Kayna,

    I am very grateful for your awesome testmonial you share with us , it’s really encourageous and i am inspired & touched by your strong conviction. There will be a lot of your prayers answered under your strong determination, fullest faith and abundant chanting.

    Hurray ! Hurray !

    Best Regards

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