“Our every effort turns into an ocean of benefit, an earth of good fortune”

All the efforts we put in for kosen-rufu and Gakkai activities will reap good fortune and contribute to our prayers being answered.  Annie, a YWD fought hard and did her best, together with studying the Gosho, and eventually achieved a surprise victory.

Good morning everyone. I have been practicing this life philosophy for 7 years during which I have got tremendous benefits of all sorts – material, relationships, and most important, the change in myself, what we call in Buddhism, human revolution.

I am happy to share with you today, my recent experience in faith. Last year I got an opportunity to go to California for a three-month long project.

I was very excited till I heard the news that the duration may be cut down to one month. Apart from loss of time to see a new place, it also meant being financially less comfortable as we were getting paid a daily allowance/per-diem basis there.

At the same time, I found that the Soka University of America (SUA), a university founded by our mentor, Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, was in California as well. I was deeply determined to visit the university no matter how much time or money I had.

My first victory came when, due to my mother’s firm prayers and long hours of daimoku, my trip kept getting extended and my roommate too started chanting with me.

After many obstacles, I finally booked my tickets for SUA. Mom got to know of someone from our chapter studying in the university – a kind and sincere YWD, who invited me to stay with her.

Through her, I met other students who were a refreshing lot – youth with a mission, to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to other’s happiness. She encouraged me to visit the World Peace Centre in Santa Monica the next day.

I faced many obstacles during the trip, such as ending up in a different city while travelling to the World Peace Centre, missing my flight back home the next day and spending a lot of money.

Ikeda Sensei said, “Encountering obstacles for the sake of Buddhism in this lifetime guarantees that we will achieve enlightenment.”

Thus, taking these devilish functions as an indicator that I am on the right path, I persevered in my activities. My trip lasted a good two and a half months, full of great memories and friends for life.

On coming back to India, my next challenge was financial as after some calculation, I found that I had overspent my allowance and would have to pay the company at least two months of my salary.

I told my mom about this and she was touched and started praying very strongly that I should not have to pay anything.

My prayer about this was more of a strategy that I should be done paying XYZ amount as knowledge of the company policy, the fact that we were in a recession and that the amount was not small, kept entering my rational mind.

All my friends had their finances settled within the first two months, i.e. in November and December. My case, however, kept getting delayed. All the while, my mom maintained her firm prayer that I should not have to pay anything.

During this time, we had the contribution meeting.

Every year, I keep a target of contribution. This year, the target could have been affected by the anticipated heavy expenditure.

But I was determined to fight harder and not adjust my targeted amount. I am happy to report that I was able to contribute the set amount.

I fought hard, campaign after campaign, zadankai after zadankai. I chanted daimoku, studied the Gosho, and participated in every meeting in some way or other along with my job and other responsibilities.

Ikeda Sensei said, “When we base our lives on the great wish for Kosen-rufu, regarding each effort like dew entering the ocean, or soil being added to the earth, then our petty lesser selves give way to the greater self that shines with eternal victory. Our every effort turns into an ocean of benefit, an earth of good fortune.”

I felt these words manifest in my life when last month finally, the finance team contacted me about my trip’s financial status.

I am happy to report that I was informed that not only did I not have to pay a single penny out of my pocket, but that the company owed me money. That too an amount worth two months of my salary!

This was truly mystic as that was the amount I had anticipated I would have to pay.  The amount was credited in my account a day before 3 July, Mentor-Disciple day.

I would like to close with this Sensei’s guidance, “Nothing is wasted in faith. One never loses out. Please be confident that all your efforts to help others and promote Buddhism are accumulating immense treasures of good fortune in our lives.”

I have learnt from this experience the power of strong prayer, the way my mother prayed, and the power of making an offering unbegrudginly.

I am determined to have strong prayers, and not compromise on my targets.

I am determined to make each offering joyfully, be it of time, effort, or money to kosen-rufu and chant daimoku with joy at being able to practice with my mentor.

Lastly, I am determined to achieve my academic and family targets by September and share my victory with my mentor and my comrades in faith.


4 thoughts on ““Our every effort turns into an ocean of benefit, an earth of good fortune”

  1. Dear Annie,

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience , i am touched & insired by your strong conviction. Hurray Hurray !

    Pls take care and all the best.

    Best Regards

  2. Glad to see you are fighting so hard for kosen rufu. No wonder your financial woe was solved smoothily. It must have been the workings of shoten zenjin. Thank you for writing your testimonial & I look forward to reading more.

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