“Finding my faith”

President Ikeda said in one of his daily guidance: “Steady efforts are important. Through our own persistent efforts in our practice of faith, we can create an indomitable condition of eternal happiness in our lives. Advancing a little further and accumulating a little more benefit day by day is the key to finding unshakeable happiness. This principle holds true in other fields of human endeavour as well.” A member from India, Diksha, despite suffering from acute depression, never gave up and continue to practice and advancing steadily in faith, and is seeing the fruits of the persistent efforts put in.

Hello everybody and thank you for giving me the opportunity for sharing my experience of practicing Nichiren Buddhism with you.

My grandmother in Delhi introduced me to this practice at the age of one when she began chanting after my mother’s divorce and after I started to suffer from schizophrenia.

I started chanting in earnest three years back and consider it a new beginning of my life.

Five months back, I shifted to Pune to earn my BBA from Symbiosis International University after an intense struggle with my admission process after 12th grade.

It was extremely difficult for me to gain admission anywhere because of a poor score in my Board Exams as I was dealing with a severe clinical depression.

Yet, I am here due to the working of Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in my life. It was a very hard move from Delhi to Pune for me since I was extremely reluctant to move out of home in the first place.

So, though I was happy to have secured admission, I was very anxious about having to start out all alone in a new city.

However, I held on to faith for support, at every junction in this process and I have gradually begun to like it here especially after connecting with Pune BSG members and the meetings always uplifts my spirit.

So, in deep appreciation to the Gohonzon, I would like to report that I could feel a marked difference in my attitude towards life and in my life condition.

It is in the form of small but significant steps, everyday towards an optimistic mindset from a previously completely negative outlook towards everything.

I am sure now, that the day is not far when I will say with complete confidence that I am 100% cured of depression and enjoy a very cheerful life state all the time.

This experience, on the whole has matured me into becoming a far better human being than I ever was and made me capable of empathizing with other people’s suffering too.

Last week, I read a poem of Ikeda Sensei’s titled “Human Revolution” and shared it with fellow members.

Mystically, the next day itself, I myself wrote a poem titled “finding my faith”.

I want to share with everybody that I did not consider myself a poet prior to this episode. I could bring forth the potential to actually write a poem only because I sincerely applied Sensei’s guidance describing “the joys of reading” and read several good books, just as he teaches.

Also, I had been praying for a very harmonious family since a long time now. Recently, I could sense that relations between my family members are beginning to improve already.

I am determined that by today, the victory meeting, I would share an experience and introduce one person to this organization and have fulfilled both these determinations.

I know all this has been possible only due to an earnest spirit of dedication to the three pillars of Buddhism – faith, practice and study.

I want to thank each and every member in this district as you all have helped me grow into a more capable person. I am determined that by next year, I will

  1. Overcome depression completely.
  2. Always be joyful.
  3. Study very hard and awaken to my mission for contributing to kosen-rufu.
  4. Make lots of good friends and be a good friend myself.
  5. Introduce my uncle to the organization.
  6. Have a very healthy and harmonious family.

I am determined to be steadfast in my faith, practice and study and to regularly report lots and lots of victories to you all and to Sensei.


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