Unflagging faith

In one of President Ikeda’s guidance, he said, “There are no obstacles that cannot be overcome by chanting daimoku. There are no deadlocks in Buddhism. Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is the “wonderful means” for breaking through all obstacles and opening up our lives limitlessly with courage and composure. That is why the Daishonin urged, “Employ the strategy of the Lotus Sutra before any other.” ” (MW1, p246) This is what a WD did. With unwavering faith and strong daimoku, she managed to help her husband achieved an important victory, which they were unable to for many years.

Hi everyone, today I am sharing with you yet another visible victory of how every wish is fulfilled when you practice Nichiren Buddhism and the Mystic Law.

My husband is working for a prestigious company and heading the sales for a region. His profile and his hard working nature combine to make him super busy with a hectic lifestyle.

In private banks, we have performance-based appraisals and promotions, especially the performance in the last quarter matters the most.

All these years at the company, we have seen a very strong karmic pattern that, whenever the month of appraisal and promotion come, despite being the top performer for the first 8 months for all ranks, my husband’s performance would drop in the last few months of the year.

This would push his promotion by another 6 months or a year.

This pattern really used to upset him and despite doing all his best, he could never achieve the high level of performance in the most important months.

I used to challenge the situation every time, but somehow rather than chanting for his promotion, I tend to end up chanting for him to be happy and be able to get stronger to change his karma.

In December 2010, he could not get promoted as he was not recommended for the promotion, even though his performance this time was very good in the last quarter.

This meant that the karmic pattern we thought was delaying the promotions was not the reason; there had to be something else.

I really prayed to understand how his office works. And yes, I got the answer. It was the perception of individuals involved in making things happen.

There and then in the beginning of this year I am determined, that my husband’s seniors of him need to be changed and I sincerely prayed for them to see the best in him, which was usually ignored because he is a very quiet person.

Strangely after 3 months, my husband started to report occasional incidents of his seniors appreciating him and taking care of his family obligations.

I also prayed determinedly for his promotion to happen, be whatever the karmic pattern. I was so confident that I declared to him that nothing at all could stop his promotion this year.

As June approached, which was the month of promotion, his performance was also fine but for some reason, the appraisal got delayed by two months as the company wanted to change some policies.

I kept praying for each individual’s happiness who were making these policies and encouraged myself with following lines from Toda Sensei: “So, with unflagging faith, enjoy the great benefits of the Gohonzon as your desires direct you. No prayer gets unanswered. You can attain any wish.”

This was exactly my attitude of “unflagging faith”. But the moment he submitted his appraisal form, his performance started to reach the bottom in the most important criteria.

Ups and downs there were but he had never touched the bottom position ever in all 9 years at his company. July, August and September were the tough months but nothing changed.

It looked like as if he was glued to the bottom position. Nothing was working for him…..

The company kept delaying the promotion exercise, which gave us hope that things would change by then.

As Sensei said, we must “never be defeated by the visible”.

Here I was testing my own faith. That if my heart is true for kosen-rufu and if my faith remains unflagging, then this is the proof I wanted to testify my own self.

His promotion looked impossible though.

One day in October 2011, while he was going to office, I just looked at his tortured body and a depressed face. The sight of him was enough to get me running to the Gohonzon, and out of deep concern, I chanted in earnest to see a smile on his face for daimoku was my only solution.

Suddenly, the same day in the evening, he came to me with a big smile, which I had not seen for 6 months, that something strange happened in the office.

He said that even though he was placed last in the entire criterion, the overall scores the company’s HR considered ranked him in third place.

He is still in a dazed as to how that could happen.

I believed that this was a result of the changes in the company’s policies. I continued to chant with confidence for his promotion and finally during last month, the news of his promotion arrived and to top it all, it was backdated to June 2011!

We were overjoyed and thanked all his seniors. I did not know if I could break the karmic pattern of bad performance in the important quarter but his promotion shows how important strong faith and daimoku are, to overcome our lives’ karma.

My daimoku reached and touched everybody’s life in his office; those who were directly or indirectly involved in getting him promoted.

With this experience, I am determined to change another impossible thing in his office affecting the entire organization, thus deepening my commitment for kosen-rufu.


3 thoughts on “Unflagging faith

  1. Dear Disciple, Marvellous ! it’s great sharing your testmonial with us , i am encourged by your experience ! Keep this up ! Surely you will have your victorious life .

  2. I love how you got the wisdom to chant to understand the promotion process and for the happiness of all involved in his benefits. I will use this myself in my practice.

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