Faith in Nichiren Buddhism

Many of us might have heard negative comments about Nichiren Buddhism, President Ikeda and the SGI before we took up faith. During our practice, many times our actual proofs show that those bad remarks are false and faith in the Gohonzon, together with daimoku, changes our life and character for the better. This is what a SGI member went through and through her daimoku, she overcame my obstacles, achieved victories and has become a stronger person.

I have been practicing chanting daimoku for four months and was introduced to Nichiren Buddhism by my mother-in-law. She has been practicing for more than 20 years.  Before I proceed to share my experience, I would like to thank the Gohonzon and Ikeda Sensei for his dedication to kosen-rufu and the members.

During my childhood, I heard about the Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and daimoku from my relatives, friends and other people, and their comments were negative. Thus, in my mind, I also saw this Buddhism in a negative way.

When I was in relationship with my ex-boyfriend eight years ago, his aunty is a SGI member. During that time, I still did not understand what Nichiren Buddhism is and my ex-boyfriend’s mother kept talking negatively about how bad his aunt’s situation was by chanting daimoku.

At that time, I was telling myself I would not be a part of this Buddhism and was afraid of it because of the negative comments I heard.

In year 2005, my ex-boyfriend’s mother asked me to bring her to consult the fortune teller at a temple very far from her house and it was in a place like a jungle with a small village.

When we were driving from town to the destination, we got lost and had stop by one of the houses beside the road to ask for direction.  As I walked into the house, I heard the people in the house chanting but I did not know what the old man in the house was chanting.

After my ex-boyfriend’s mother told me that the man was chanting daimoku, I felt scared and for the second time, I told myself that I would not be taking faith in Nichiren Buddhism.

In October 2005, I was broke off with my ex-boyfriend and soon was in a relationship with my then-boyfriend who is now my husband. Initially, I did not know what Buddhism he was practising and we never spoke about it.

One day, he brought me to his house, and I was surprised to see his family chanting daimoku. It was then that I started to ask him about Nichiren Buddhism and why his family practised this religion.

2006 was a bad year for me as my beloved grandmother fell seriously ill. I was very sad at the thought of her leaving me. As such, I requested my then-boyfriend to chant for my grandmother’s recovery.

The next day, my grandmother woke up and was able to talk to us. To me, this was a miracle as it was not expected.

I started to believe in Gohonzon from that day.

Because of Gohonzon, my grandmother prolonged her life for about 10 months. That was a great time for us to keep her company and this miracle proved to me the power of Gohonzon and started my faith.

Whenever I encountered any challenges in life, such as my career and family issues, I always chanted Nam-myoho-renge-kyo in my heart and that helped me to resolve the problems I faced.

In 2009, I was pregnant with my first son.  In the eighth week of pregnancy, something happened where my cervix discharged a very light brown of fluid, which was a sign of  miscarriage.

I was worried and went to the hospital immediately for consultation. That time, my in-law chanted a lot of daimoku for me and I started to chant for a week.

Then slowly, my pregnancy stabilised and no more fluid came out. It was a protection from Gohonzon.

Even though I was receiving protection from Gohonzon, I did not chant daimoku everyday; only when I encountered a problem.

With the protection of Gohonzon, I delivered my son smoothly and safely. During the labour process, I chanted to Gohonzon in my heart and the whole delivery process only took slightly more than two hours.

After my son was born, he was growing well and healthily due to the daimoku my in-law chanted that he receives protection from Gohonzon.

When he was about eight months old, I was about to feed him porridge with a fish without realising that there was a bone in it. Mystically, the I dropped the spoon when I was about to put it into his mouth and only saw the bone then.

I am really grateful to Gohonzon for protecting my son. My son used to put everything in his mouth and one day, he took a screw and put in his mouth without our awareness.

I was not at home and my hubby was in the rest room and when he came out he was curious why my son has food in his mouth.  Luckily, he discovered the screw in time and able to took it out of his mouth. Again, we know this is another proof of the protection from Gohonzon.

This year, 2011 has been a bad year for me so far as there have been a lot of challenges in everything, including my family and job.

I was very down and kept telling myself to start chanting to Gohonzon on a frequent and daily basis. After I started my daimoku in June, my situation at times became worse.

A senior member told me that our life is like a piece of dirty cloth – when we chant, it is like washing this cloth and intially we see the dirt coming out from it, which is like the so-called bad situations I encountered. However, once the cloth has been washed and become clean, it is like turning winter into spring.

Doing daimoku is like washing and cleaning away all the dirt – karma – in our lives.

Ikeda Sensei said that chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is like a great human revolution and it not only can change your life, just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, can even enable a change in the destiny of all humankind.

Since I started chanting daimoku, I also see the changes in the life of my sister and brother as their lives have improved.

My sister bought a car even though she is less than 27 years old and my brother, even though he is not highly educated, also recently changed his car from a local model to an international brand car.

Chanting daimoku to Gohonzon and the encouragements from Ikeda Sensei and members have made me grow stronger in faith.

In October, which was a contribution month for Soka Gakai, I decided to donate 70% of my special bonus. The day before the contribution, I received a very good comment and appreciation from the customer relationship director of my company from the US.

This gave me a lot of compliments and good impression from my manager. It is a good news to prove my performance in next year increment.

My manager treats me well, even though I was not super hardworking and seldom stay back for overtime work. It was a miracle given by Gohonzon through chanting daimoku.

Through daimoku, I can see the tangible and non-tangible benefits in my life.

The tangible benefits are the improvement in my family’s life. For non-tangible, I become very strong and have positive thinking when facing obstacles and problems in life.

I wish that I will have more good experiences to share with everyone in the near future.


4 thoughts on “Faith in Nichiren Buddhism

  1. Kelly, I am Uncle Khaw in Singapore; would love to talk to your Dad. I was diagnosed with Parkinsons’ Disease in 2008 and my condition is not good.
    My Spore mobile is: 98196460

  2. it was encouraging to read your experience.please do write to me

    i will appreciate it as your second experience is what connected me to you.

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