The sweat of our efforts becomes the greatest treasures of our lives

When we practised without any doubt in the Gohonzon, regardless of what happen in our life, even at time when our prayers do not seem to be answered at those moments, something better will eventually materialise. Ronmi Bora, a YWD from India, did not have any reservations about Nichiren Buddhism and was rewarded in the end.  She shared this testimonial with her fellow members on 16 July and it was a significant day for her.

A very good morning to everyone. Today on 16 July, I, Ronmi Bora would like to share my personal deep insight in Faith in the Mystic Law.

Nichiren’s philosophy indeed have opened the doors of positivity and confidence for me and made me believe that “every dark cloud has a silver lining”. I am indeed privilege to be a part of Soka Gakkai family.

I extend my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend, Chayanika from India, who introduced me to this life changing philosophy and practice.

And I still remember my first encounter with the Mystic Law 3 years ago, when I chanted for the first time in front of the Gohonzon for 40 minutes in Mumbai without even knowing the actual interpretation of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.

But gradually, I have evolved from an ignorant girl to a headstrong and optimistic YWD and there has been no looking back.

And my journey so far has been really enthralling and truly my each day struggle for human revolution has been so worth the rocky ride.

One of my favourite quotes from the VC (our Soka publication) is a quote from Nichiren Daishonin: “Today there are people who have faith in the Lotus Sutra. The belief of some is like fire while that of others is like water. When the former listen to the teachings, their passion flares up like fire, but as time goes on, they tend to discard their faith. To have faith like water means to believe continuously without ever regressing.” (WND-1,899)

In similar context, I relate my growth in faith because it took me a while to take the initiative to be an active YWD who wanted to encourage others and set an example through faith, study and practice.

There are numerous victories during my journey so far but the most significant that I want to emphasis today was finding a kosen rufu career.

In 2009, I was going through a real tough phase but an article in one of the VC and Sensei’s guidance on depression made me realize the importance of the maxim, “ Tough times don’t last, tough people do.”

There was a time, when I had made few significant causes and strived earnestly with dedication towards Gakkai activities as well, and really wanted to pursue my kosen rufu career, which is to do MBA from a well-reputed university abroad that meet my budget.

Mystically, things were falling into place and I have secured admissions in few overseas colleges with scholarships but narrowed down to a certain university in Singapore for which I did my R&D. Moreover, while doing daimoku and home visits, my thoughts were constantly on that college.

Within a span of time, I was assured admission so I had quit to my job and relocate to my hometown in India last year in October and was all set to go to Singapore.

I had made all arrangements and even education loan was about to get processed.

But faith and destiny had other plans as at the last minute, I was told that the university is refusing me admission on grounds of shortage of work experience by a few months, which was really unethical since I was not being informed earlier of this criterion.

To add more misery, my father was hospitalized due to high sugar but I never doubted my faith and the power of Gohonzon though my days were gloomy.

While in the hospital, I held my father’s hand and chanted daimoku.

I had called up few Gakkai leaders in India and shared about my bad phase but everyone said it happened for a good reason and for overall betterment in future because it is said no prayers goes unanswered in faith.

My faith in this Buddhist practice kept me going during this terrible phase of having stressful days and sleepless nights and incessant flow of tears.

I had pulled up my socks and became very strict with myself regarding regular morning and evening gongyo, daimoku and home visits as I was determined to change poison into medicine and not to succumb to devilish attacks.

I also read the Gosho online and a couple of excellent books by President Ikeda, Discussions on Youth and New Human Revolution.

Mystically, in end of October 2010, I came across reputed overseas counselors in my hometown who suggested that I study in a prestigious institute abroad but the deadline was very near.

I struggled but managed to send a few excellent essays. Most importantly, a very essential document transcript was compulsory and required for the application.

There was not enough time as this document was in a college in Mumbai where I graduated from but I am now living in region in India far away from there.

But I chanted wholeheartedly for things to fall into place because I did not want to lose this chance to be admitted and have a gap in my education.

The institute indicated in an email that they would not evaluate my application without that transcript.

I had complete faith that daimoku is the only key to overcome this challenge.

Hence, in the nick of time, I managed to get the transcipt without even going to Mumbai as I had the help of Shoten Zenjin (Buddhist Gods) in form of my great friends who sent it to me.

Today, I am happy to report that within a week of submitting the transcript, I am admitted into a very reputed overseas institute, AIT, which is located in Pathumthani province, Thailand.

Pathumthani means the City of Lotus – how amazing and mystic is that and I shall be able to accomplish my long cherished dream of doing a quality global MBA.

In fact, I felt that this institute is better than the university in Singapore, which was my first choice.

Also, my father’s health has improved.

Hence, the power of Gohonzon is unlimited and I am forever grateful to the Gohozon for protecting me throughout.

And, also to add icings to the cake, I received an email from that Singapore university that because of my special case, they are refunding my application fees, which was actually non-refundable and also have offered me admission for next intake that I had happily declined.

SGI has been always been my biggest strength because life is tough living away from my family.

Recently, I had an unexpected but tremendous victory by securing a summer internship in my dream company.

I want to emphasize that from my journey in SGI and my varied experiences is a few vital points – I have learnt and evolved as an individual with tremendous growth in faith; with 100% commitment and ichinen to remain undefeated amidst negative forces; and by having very strong doubt-free faith, one is bound to achieve pinnacles of success because those whose lives are dedicated to the Mystic Law are champions of change who shoulder the future and that faith is the engine, the power source for our Human Revolution.

Each one of us has a mission in this lifetime that only one can fulfill.

I had a mission in my hometown and the rejection from the Singapore university was a blessing in disguise.

My faith deepen and get the career I always wanted for a long time in Bangkok.

Hence everything happens for a good reason and when one chants Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, one is bound to get tremendous protection from Buddhist gods and break any kind of deadlocks.

Buddhism teaches that the Lotus Flower blooms beautifully in muddy water. In this way, no matter how dire our circumstances are, without doubting the Mystic Law we can enjoy lives of wonderful value.

Hence, I am determined to flourish wherever I go as an ardent disciple of my Mentor, President Ikeda, and will always uphold the mission of kosen-rufu as a true Boddhisatva.

Last but not the least, I am really delighted to share my experience today on 16 July as co-incidentally it happens to be my birthday and it is also Buddhist Lent Day in Thailand.

Hence the circumstances I encountered the Mystic Law indicates that I have a strong mission in faith and also I have yet miles to go before I sleep.

Thank you.


12 thoughts on “The sweat of our efforts becomes the greatest treasures of our lives

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I was struggling a little while ago with my mid semester test tomorrow but after reading your experience it reminds me to never ever give up! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank You everyone for all the kind words. @Tanujaa i can connect you SGI Mumbai but first let me know the area you staying currently in Mumbai.

  3. I am always impressed by how passsionate the Indian members are. Coincidentally my neighbour is an Indian expatriate family. Now I wish I have a chance to shakubuku them.

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