Great Protection

There are reasons behind many things happening to our lives.  For us who are practising Nichiren Buddhism, as long as we continue to chant and have faith in the Gohonzon, no matter how unhappy we may be during those moments when things happen, we can be assured that the end results will be beneficial to us in one way or another.  This was exactly what Parul Joshi, WD from India, encountered recently.  Read on to find out what happened to her.  This is her third testimonial in this blog. Click on the names of her first testimonial – “Be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path”  – and second testimonial – Everything depends on your attitude and mindset in faith – to find out more.

Hi, I am Parul Joshi and have been practicing this wonderful philosophy for the last 10 years. Today, I will share my latest experience that further validates the protection we all, as Buddhists practicing Nichiren Buddhism, receive when anything bad happens to us.

I had gone for my brother-in-law’s wedding in Almora, a place adjacent to Nanital.

Both my son and I were merely recovering from extreme diarrhea. My son started to complain of irritation in his throat and was coughing occasionally.  Considering this to be minor irritation, I gave him Simple Honeytus to relax his throat.  Completely ignorant of what was happening in his body, I took care of him to the best of my abilities.

Here is how the events happened on that day.

We started from Almora at 7 am.  My husband had to take a conference call at the first nearest branch because of his work even though he was extremely reluctant and unhappy to. However, his seniors were adamant that he took the call, which was scheduled from 10 am to 11 am.

However, when I went to came back to pick my husband from his office at 11.15 am, to my dismay, the call did not even started. Looking at my son’s condition, we thought to take this time to bring him for a checkup despite our ignorant thinking that he was having some mild irritation.

When we took him to the hospital, and as soon as the doctor looked at him, he told me that my son was going through acute asthmatic attack and had to be admitted to ICU and put on oxygen-support immediately.

I was shocked but managed to ask how bad the situation was but the doctor told me he could only know until end of the day. I called up my husband to rush to hospital. I then called the BSG members and immediately started to chant.

I was in the lowest life conditions but continued to chant for my son to be out of danger and to have the strength to fight this battle. Members immediately rose to the occasion and started to chant feverously.

Nothing could pull me up but I continued chanting. I wanted to see my son but nobody was allowed to go to the ICU.  The only visiting time was at 6.30 pm but each second was so difficult to pass. And soon I heard a nurse coming to me to sneak us to the ICU to see him.

The moment I saw him, he was not crying and his courage gave me strength. I continued to chant for him that the lack of oxygen should not have done any damage to him. By evening, I was completely up and could clearly trust that nothing wrong will happen to him.

The doctor told us that my son could have been in extreme trouble if we were anytime later in sending him to the hospital. The call that my husband was not happy about was in fact, the biggest benefit for us as the delay gave us the time to bring my son to see the doctor. By the end of the day, the doctor confirmed that he is alright and would be out of ICU the next day.

Whenever I think of the amount of protection that we received, I can cry for hours for what could have happened due to our ignorance if not for the shoten zenjin (protective powers in life and the environment that serves to protect us).

I thanked the Gohonzon and the Mystic Law for protecting us at each step.

The doctor also confirmed that this could have been absolutely fatal if due to our ignorance, my son went to sleep. Not only this but if we had left that town towards Delhi, then there would have been only small towns without the necessary medical facilities for the 8 to 10 hours of journey to Delhi.

Also, my son’s behavior surprised everyone. Nobody expected so much of support from a 4-year old child.  He was not scared that he could not see his mother and this really helped in his fast recovery. He even chanted for other people in ICU!

Moreover, throughout his stay in the ICU, whatever he wanted was fulfilled whenever he chanted. There are numerous small examples that validated the power of faith. The whole experience shows that, as humans, we can be ignorant of a lot of things but the Mystic Law will always protect you and any negative thing will become a source of experience.

I now determine to pray for my son’s heath so that his body is able to fight with small illnesses and he emerges as a strong child. I also determine to chant for the health and happiness of my district and make this year the real turning point for each of my block members’ life.


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