Dreams shattered to dreams gathered

Saumya Sharma, a new WD member from India, has been practising Nichiren Buddhism for two months.  In this short time, she has achieved a number of benefits in her life and also gained her own human revolution. We hope that Saumya’s testimonial will encourage many believers, and those who are contemplating, to take the all-important step to chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and take up faith.

Just before I proceed with my experiences, I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to the power of Gohonzon, beloved Ikeda Sensei, Soka Gakai International and its members, all my fellow WDs, and everyone else who made this possible and stood by me. Lastly, this acknowledgement is incomplete without thanking my family.

Success does not belong to me alone, it’s a combined effort.

I was introduced to this practice somewhere in the first week of February 2011 by one of my fellow WD. Though I had agreed to join it, I was not really sure if it really works, since I don’t remember the last time I had eternal happiness.

My life has been a wreck from many years now, making me believe that I attract problems just like a magnet. Downtrodden and scared both professionally and personally, I was living in my cocoon of self pity which had even risen to the extent of feeling suicidal.

Well, I started with my practice. However, the faith was not completely in it and honestly speaking, many times I deliberately missed it thinking its all a myth.

My perception changed from the day I had a strange dream about attending a lecture by Ikeda Sensei and two things struck me –

1. Faith – It can make you climb the highest mountain, swim across the largest sea. In short, with faith, you can make impossible into possible.

2. Happiness and peace – To pray for others happiness and peace without dissecting your relationship with them is a big achievement. It is like a response to stimuli or like a good virus. The more you spread happiness and peace, the more you get them in return with an interest.

The very next day, I seriously started my practice and during the morning gongyo, tears were rolling down my eyes. However, after that, I had faith to see my dreams clearly.

I had been trying to get my dream job that is in the field of Quality & Audit or Risk & Compliance from the past 3.5 years. Finally, I saw a ray of hope and I got a contractual job with a company in the same department.

I strengthened my practice and started chanting daimoku for as long as possible; plus I took few firm decisions –

1. No matter how much negativity I have around me or what people think of me, I will not loose my faith and not let anything sabotage me mentally or emotionally again.

2. I will have no hatred or anger towards anyone. Whenever I do, I confess it front of the Gohonzon and pray to give me the strength to overcome these negative feelings.

In my prayers, I always asked the Gohonzon to give me internal strength that no bad thoughts build up in my heart or mind, no bad words come from my mouth and no bad action is ever performed by me.

Also while offering gratitude to the deceased, I make it a point to thank each and every Indian who died in the freedom struggle of India.

After around 2 months of being introduced to and started practicing Nichiren Buddhism, I have achieved the following –

1. My dream job – I will be joining IDBI bank in its quality department and the package I have been told will be very lucrative. Also at my current job, I have got many accolades of appreciation from my peers and seniors.

2. Recognition – Social work/activity or charity is one of my passions I follow very religiously. So in the past few months, my social activities have inspired many people, even strangers that every alternate day I get a mail or a message of appreciation. My friends, who thought that I would never do anything good with my life, have been complimenting me and insisting that I start my own social work organization.

3. Relationships blossomed – I have had a not so good relationship with my family; maybe it was the guilt of making them go through so much and being a rebel all the time. Now I am more respectful and kind towards my family and I consciously make an effort not to hurt them again. My circle of friends is also growing like the bean stalk.

Lastly to conclude, I will share few lines of my latest poem –


I pledge to reach out to as many people as possible to help them attain human revolution though the practice of Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism.


6 thoughts on “Dreams shattered to dreams gathered

  1. Amazing experience … congratulations for the great victory … many more are in store for you … keep going …. Thanks for encouraging me with your experience … Hats off for the beautiful poem 🙂

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