Everything depends on your attitude and mindset in faith

Parul Joshi, 32, WD Block Chief from India, continues to show actual proofs of her faith in Nichiren Buddhism with her second testimonial on this blog.  Searching for the right schools for her son, Aarav, Parul chanted earnestly to the Gohonzon and her prayers were answered when two new schools matching the kind she prayed for opened just at the right time.  To others, what happened might be construed as coincidences or miracles but these are actual proofs of Parul’s strong faith in the Gohonzon. You can read her first testimonial – “Be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path” – by clicking here.

I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism as an YWD.  I was attracted to this Buddhist teaching by its concept of the 10 worlds and that we possess the power of a Buddha in us. After 10 years of practice, today I cannot imagine what would have happened of me if I did not take up faith.

Recently a great realization came to me when I was talking to a colleague at my work place. She was concerned about which daycare she should place her child in and how to manage during day with her family and juggle with her work because there are not many opportunities in the city. Since my child was older than hers, she asked how I was able to manage.

When my son, Aarav was born, I left my job for a year to look after him. Later, when I returned to the workforce, I managed to get a part-time job that paid me a full-time salary, which was 60% more than my previous employment. I am sure no one would have got such a huge increment in a year even if they were working.

I put Aarav in a crèche for him to be looked after while I work. After six months, I realized that the environment was not very conducive to his future learning and wanted to put him in a formal playschool. I searched the city but all playschools only accept children that were two years old and above, while Aarav was only one and a half years old.

I earnestly made a wish and imagined that Aarav is going to a very nice and congenial school. All tries were futile. However, in faith, no effort is wasted.

Since I did not find a better place, I continued with the nursery school, thinking that we would have to wait for another six months or so before looking for another school.  My ichinen to look for the nursery school with the kind of environment I wanted for my son was very strong.

As soon as my thoughts were on my Gakkai group members, I found a day care school advertisement that was ready to accept children from 18 months old. We immediately ran to enquire. The school was just built and the education the school provided was what I wanted for Aarav. Besides having his meals provided, he received dedicated attention and care from the school as he was the only child to stay till 5pm. There was also someone to pick him up from home to school and back.

However, on the second year, the school authorities told me that they were going to shut the daycare as there were not enough children in the school, and even if they kept it, the school would only open till 3pm as it was incurring a lot of expenses.  Moreover, because Aarav was the last one to leave everyday, they had to deploy staff to look after him, which added to the cost of the school.

I immediately chanted earnestly that the daycare would not be closed and for the happiness of the management.  My prayer was answered as even though we had to pay a little more for his pickup and drop-off service, the school received more children than they could accommodate for that year.

When Aarav was 3 years old, it was time to enroll him in a high school. Vivek High was my choice and due to some reason, we were not able to fill the forms of any other school but this one. Aarav was accepted but when I went to see the results, I was shocked to learn that the school did not accept a lot of my acquaintances’ children. We could not understand why this was the case and in fact, the situation was favouring them more. This is the benefit and protection that we received from the Gohonzon and I am thankful to the Gohonzon.

The high school was in sector 38 where we stay, while the day care school was in sector 26.  As a result, the journey was long.  I started to chant for a daycare to be near my home or office.  Nothing happened until the new session began at high school. Till the last moment, I kept waiting for something to happen, backed with a very strong prayer to the Gohonzon; however nothing concrete came up.

All this time I had full faith in the Gohonzon that my prayers cannot go unanswered; maybe I cannot see it now. With this faith, I had left everything to the last day, believing in Sensei’s words that life changes from moment to moment. By everything I meant depositing the fees at the daycare and selecting the bus stoppage for his return trip from school.

On the last day of depositing the fees at the daycare, I received a message saying that the due dates of paying the fees has been extended until Tuesday without any reason given. Since I had given up on the search and that anything could happen that late, I did not realize that this was the power of my prayer bringing the change. Now, the last day to fill the transport forms at the high school, as well as the last day to deposit the fees at the daycare, was on Tuesday.

Here is the list of events that happened after the last day of fees deposit was postponed. On Sunday evening, I heard on radio about a new daycare opening in sector 37, which is very near to my house. Though I was apprehensive of how the school would be, I met them on Monday and it was exactly what I wanted, rather more than what I had chanted for. They even have surveillance cameras on the entire day streamed online so that I could see my kid taken care of anytime.

What else could I have wanted?  I deposited the fees for the new day care and gave their address for the return trip at the high school. So the life did change just with a single moment with strong faith in the Gohonzon.

My prayers have again “opened” another school and this is so convenient for me as I can go there anytime.  Being near my home, it is just like a second home for Aarav and me.

While narrating all this, my colleague kept on saying touch wood. As Toda Sensei said, “People who don’t know about the Gohonzon may say that these are mere coincidence and that they cannot believe in miracles. But when they see that these so called Miracles keep happening over and over to countless people, what can they say?This is what is meant by actual proofs.

My whole 10 years are full of such unexpected happy moments but what make my faith stronger are the inconspicuous benefits that have changed my outlook to life completely.

This testimonial is just one benefit from my faith in Nichiren Buddhism. The Law of Cause and Effect is strict and all with all the benefits I receive, I can always relate them back to a great shift in my heart and absolute faith that Gohonzon is protecting us and that we all are Bodhisattvas of the Earth born with a special mission.

One thing that I learned the hard way and which I want to share with everyone is that if your prayers are not answered and unexpected happy moments are not happening, you need to check your faith, practice and study.

I started with a weak faith and was not confident of talking to others about the philosophy. I overcame this with a very simple prayer – “Gohonzon, I pray to believe in the unlimited power of faith” and from then on, things started to turn in that positive direction.

When you keep chanting consistently, you will come to a state of life that you have never even imagined in your dreams and that is exactly what I feel – Parul is as strong as a rock. The reason for all the benefits is not because I deserve this or not. If a woman like me can be what she is today, it is all because of my faith in Nichiren Buddhism.

To conclude, I am determined to make my district one of the top in the world, which means each one of us here will be eventually best in the world wherever we go to.

This is a personal promise made to Sensei. To begin with, I have promised to make myself really capable to raise everyone to experience the power of Gohonzon from his or her lives.


5 thoughts on “Everything depends on your attitude and mindset in faith

  1. Hi parul

    Thanks a ton
    I am going through tough phase but my determination has been refreshed again with your experience . Thanks for sharing the guidance.

    1. Neetu,

      I am convinced of is that with faith when you will look back to your life and compare with your own decisions and thinking you had before starting to practice you will find yourself having attained a state of life beyond your imagination….Where you can say out loud that you are not fearful…because you know you are going to WIN no matter what….

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