No matter what happens, continue to chant as nothing is impossible with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

Shane Leong, a YWD from Singapore (in the picture below having an awesome steamboat dinner with her three lovely leaders who are more than friends and family to her) has been practising Nichiren Buddhism since 2007. She recently achieved victory when she was offered a new job with benefits that she chanted for to enable her to embark on a new career. For those who are looking for a job or career, Shane’s testimonial serves as a learning experience and key example of how strong faith in the Gohonzon with the right prayers and abundant daimoku can enable one to achieve his/her goal.

I would like to share my benefits and testimonial with my SGI friends from all over the world.

This is my story –

I have been working for the same company since the day I graduated from school back in 2001. During these 10 years, I was fortunate to have been given vast opportunities by my company and bosses, which included an overseas training in Athens, Greece.

At that time, I had not started practicing Nichiren Buddhism nor did any of my family members until 2007 when I saw the power and benefits of the Mystic Law, and started to chant. Looking back, I have met countless work challenges that sent me spiraling down but I was never defeated until the end of last year when going to work for me was a complete torture.

In January 2010, my boss transferred me to work in another department in order to give me new exposure and most importantly, to make my job more exciting as she knew that I was beginning to feel bored with my job scope.

So I readily took over a new portfolio that allowed me  to organise any sports and recreational events and activities for my country club members, as well as managing the Club’s sports and recreational facilities. It was an exciting phase for me as this was something that I desired to do.

Hence, during the first six months, my team and I planned many exciting events and some of which received overwhelming response from our club members. This was considered an unusual accomplishment as all my previous colleagues who took up this position faced dauntless challenges, such as high cancellation rates for all the organized activities, as well as low participation rate and poor response from the members.

You would have guessed that six months down the road, I was facing the same challenges as them and was heading downhill.

I became demotivated and bored with my job once again. Overtime, I didn’t have the passion nor the energy to do what I am doing anymore. Planning and organizing became a chore and work became stagnant instantaneously.

Even with the arrival of our new General Manager which was supposed to be an exciting time with new rules, regulations and strategies, I still did not feel the least excited.

I went to work every day, feeling meaningless and hated everything and everyone in my company. Family members and close friends could see clearly the low life condition that I was going through.

I was suffering, degenerating and worst, the sadness was eating me inside out. My career seemed over and I felt completely helpless.

I tried to talk myself out of this rut by changing my mindset, thinking positively and telling myself to be thankful that I still had a job.  However, it did not work.

I needed a change! I finally figured out that it was not the challenges that got me down but more so for a need to change my environment! It was time to get up, make a career change, leave the decade long career and move on!

With these strong motivating factors, I made up my mind in December 2010 to chant for a new job.

I was determined and so certain that I set my target and chanted to the Gohonzon to be able to find a new job by the end of March 2011.

However, I had completely no idea what sort of job I was looking for.  All I knew was that I wanted to do something really different, a job that will give meaning and where I can learn as much as possible.

All these means that I will have to learn and start all over again and most of all, it means that my salary is definitely going to take a dive and I am not ready to accept a lower salary.

Then I begin to recall that a young division member once shared her testimonial and gained victory when she chanted for a new job with a good salary, good location, good bosses and good colleagues.

At that time, I found it hard to believe as it sounded like she was making a wish to a genie or something but she proved me wrong. I thought that I will not be as lucky as her but decided to follow her example and challenge myself to chant for these wonderful things to happen.

Hence, I chanted to the Gohonzon with the following prayers:

1) A job that Gohonzon thinks is perfect and suitable for me since I don’t have a clue

2) A job that pays me exactly the same salary or slightly lower

3) An organization with good bosses and colleagues

4) The company must be in a good location

Thanks to the Mystic Law, one fine day in January 2011, a prospective company contacted me and asked if I was still interested in the job position, which I had applied for some time back in August 2010!

I was excited!

I recalled that after I sent out my resume in August 2010, they contacted me twice with the intention to interview me but that didn’t happen. But this time round, they sounded sincere and wanted to talk to me. I readily accepted.

During the interview on 14 January 2011, I found out that they had earlier wanted to interview me back then but because of their busy schedule, they were unable to.

I felt that I did not fare well in my interview even though I was able to respond fairly to their questions. After that interview, I continued to send out numerous resumes to different organizations but none responded.

I was despondent and was on the verge of giving up when I decided to SMS my Young Women Division (YWD) leader, telling her the rut that I was going though.

She responded immediately and said, “Please have faith in the Gohonzon and trust in the Gohonzon to make the best arrangement for you and to continue chanting.”

I geared up my emotions and continue to chant with more determination than ever and remembered President Ikeda’s guidance, “No matter what happens, please continue to chant daimoku – in both good times and bad, irrespective of joys or sorrows, happiness or sufferings. Then you will be able to seize victory in your daily life and in society.”

A week later, the company contacted me again and scheduled a second interview!

“There it is, I thought to myself, another chance for me to score since I did badly during the last interview.”

This time, I told myself that I will grab this opportunity and do my best but to my surprise, the second interview was not necessary!

All they needed was to conduct a background check with my present company and so, they contacted my superior.

Immediately the next day, I was offered the job at a good location and with a higher salary. This was way better than what I had chanted for!

Out of my four prayers, two had been answered!

I am scheduled to start my new job on 14 March 2011 and since then I have been chanting ceaselessly for the other two prayers to be answered.

At this moment, I am glad to take a bold step after 10 years and have the courage to get out of my comfort zone. Despite whatever upcoming challenges and obstacles that I will face, I will not be afraid as long as I continue to chant Nam-myho-renge-kyo simply because we all know without a doubt that nothing is impossible with Nam-myho-renge-kyo!

With this, I would like to sincerely thank the following people in my life:

1) President Ikeda for his amazing encouragement and guidance that never fail to inspire me.

2) My lovely and kind mother, Mdm Liew Seow Mui from Women’s Division (WD) who accompanied me to the Gaikan each time to chant despite her health condition.

3) My chapter and district leaders, Ms Hannie Leong, Ms Pamela Wong, Ms Iries Mediana and Ms Megan Ng from Young Women’s Division (YWD) for their heart warming, selfless advice and encouragement each time when I almost wanted to give up.

2011 is a year of capable people and dynamic development and so I hope to achieve this.


8 thoughts on “No matter what happens, continue to chant as nothing is impossible with Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

  1. hii shane, inspired with your experiance.. even i am looking for a job and will definately apply your encourging words…all the very best for yr job.. good luck… god bless you….

    thanks you so much..

    1. Hi Pooja,

      Thanks so much ! Trust in the Gohonzon for the best arrangement and hope that u have already found a job that you like.


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