“Be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path”

Parul Joshi, 32, is a WD Block Chief from India.  Faced with her career karma, Joshi never once allows her faith to backslide despite the challenges she went through in her jobs.  Instead, she continues to strengthen her practice, chant more daimoku, read President Ikeda’s guidance, participate in Gakkai and kosen-rufu activities and carrie out her responsibilities as a leader. She never gave up and showed actual proof of her practice when she was rewarded with good fortune in her current job.

Good morning everyone.

Having practiced Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism for a decade now, I cannot even imagine my life without my practice.

After completing my studies in First Grade and being the top student of my University in MBA, everyone felt that I would have a wonderful career.

But life had something else for me in store. For some reason or other, I was unable to get a job.

I used to top all the written exams for jobs in banks but, either the position was put on hold, they would not take married women or for some strange reasons, I would not be selected for the job.

Since I was already practicing Buddhism, I challenged myself that I should get the right Job. I was getting frustrated thinking that all my batch mates have already started their career.

Though I have been chanting, until that day I had never understood the meaning of home visits. I felt that it was enough to chant daimoku and since it is powerful, then there is no need to do home visits.

But one day while I was reading the Buddhist writing, a sudden deep realization came to me telling me about the importance of home visits. In the spur of a moment I challenged myself to do 10 hours of daimoku the very next day.

Like you would have guessed, my phone started ringing and job offers started pouring in.

This experience was so thrilling, validating the infinite power of daimoku. Though none of the offers were too promising, I continue to chant.

With Sensei’s guidance that when starting our career, it is fine to pick up whichever job one gets and very soon the path will open for you.

Within those 10 hours of chanting, I decided to pick one of the offers. By the time I completed my 10 hours, an appointment letter already in my hand. What a victory!

The job I had picked was in a small IT firm as an administrator in-charge cum a receptionist. Since I was over-qualified for the job, I could have felt frustrated easily. However, I kept following Ikeda sensei’s guidance and received encouragement from senior leaders.

I chanted and read Ikeda sensei’s guidance daily. He says that “be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path”.

I started taking additional responsibilities at my current job and strange though, I started to enjoy my job a lot.

I introduced Nichiren Buddhism to many people and as an admin in-charge, I took up the responsibility to help each employee feel happy and that they should have the best receptionist and admin in-charge.

I am happy to report whether anyone may have recognized it or not, I did all the behind the scene jobs for all the employees so that they can enjoy their jobs at ease.

As luck had in store for me, despite taking additional responsibilities in marketing, human resources and admin, my salary was not increased as I had expected.

I decided it was time to move on and I shifted with my husband to Ludhiana, a place where there was no IT companies except for one. I accepted a job there with less than my current package.

Within six months in this company, my salary was doubled.  I thought my career has opened up. But soon, I took a long maternity break for almost one and a half year and this meant going back where I started in my career.

After the maternity break, I was determined to challenge my job karma again. I chanted abundant daimoku, did home visits.

I was back in Chandigarh now, and I needed a flexible job so that I could take care of my baby but I wanted to earn a full time salary. This was an impossible wish to many.

However, Ikeda sensei says that you must have impossible dreams and then the courage to challenge them so that you can prove the power of the Mystic Law.

Following this guidance to my heart, I chanted hours and hours of daimoku before starting to apply for the jobs. Yes! I got the exact job that I wanted and I was being paid full time with flexibility to work from home and above all, my maternity did not affect my application.

In fact, I got 60% more than my previous pay package.  Another victory!

The struggle did not end there; things did not work well for me in that company because of my lack of experience. Despite being good at work, and trying hard, I was not able to produce expected results during my probation.

I was asked to leave and was given the termination letters two times in a span of three months. And each time, I challenged with the daimoku and strong prayer.

I even prayed to hear words of praise from my boss.  My salary was reduced by 20% and I accepted it but asked that I be given an opportunity to change the situation for one more month.

I chanted for hours together, for months and took all the Gakkai responsibilities no matter what and soon things improved.

I helped my company generate a lead for one of their biggest ever projects. This saved my job and my salary again was re-instated to the original amount.

My boss praised me for my spirit and said exactly the same words I wanted to hear that “you are a woman of strength who was not intimidated by lives’ challenges” and that he had not witnessed anyone taking criticism so well and changing things so rapidly.

I dedicated this victory to the Gohonzon and Ikeda sensei. He also thanked me for not having left when he had asked me to.

Not even a year had passed that I faced another challenge. The company was not doing well and we were not paid salaries for months. I decided to change job and chanted that all salaries owed be will be amicably paid to me.

Through my good fortune, I was the only employee of that company who got all paid whatever the company owed me. All my colleagues were not paid two to four months of their salaries till today.

Within a few days of my leaving that company, I got a new job in another small firm; little did I know that it would be the biggest challenge of my career.

Here while trying to prove my worth again in my probation, my salary was reduced by 30%.  The company gave the reason that I was not able to produce the results. Things changed from bad to worst as I was even working 16 to18 hours a day with zero expected results.

I started to get into self-loathing and a feeling that I am useless. Guided by senior leaders, I started to analyze the situation and realized that the reason for the results not coming this time was not because of my performance, but it was due to the company’s policies.

It was not coping well with the changing market trends.

With this newfound wisdom, I decided to challenge it. During this period, my daimoku was keeping my life condition up and even though I was struggling, I still felt happy and full of hope.

By this time, I had started to take on more Gakkai responsibility and developed a deep connection with my members.  Their problems were more than mine.

Finally after one long year of struggle, I felt that I should change my job. I was confused if leaving was the solution. I kept chanting and fulfilling my responsibilities as a leader.

Whenever I would think of changing my job, I found myself in a situation where my work, child, home and Gakkai activities did not leave me with anytime to update my resume or look for new opportunities.

Whenever I chanted for wisdom to be able to decide on a new job, it seemed the answer was to struggle on.  The focus would always shift towards my members and their problems, making me wanting to strengthen my practice in order to help them.

One day, I suddenly got a call from an acquaintance who asked if I was able to go for an interview in next 10 minutes.  I agreed and had a new job in just five minutes.   This new job provides me with all the flexibility and the salary I wanted.

It gives me a bigger platform to learn, as well as exhibit my unique talent; an opportunity I had been waiting for since the start of my career.

As soon as I joined this new company, my other wish to visit the company’s office in USA was fulfilled even though I was not specifically praying for it.

Things went so smooth that I got my visa without any obstacles because US visa applications are being rejected these days for silly reasons. Later, I discovered that a senior colleague’s application was rejected twice.

This latest actual proof shows how, through practicing Nichiren Buddhism and daimoku, our life will be in sync with the entire universe and our prayers will be answered eventually.

The opportunity to visit the US is the opportunity I was waiting for so many years and it was one of the prayers to fulfill before 3 May 2010.

With this victory, I determine to make each day of my life a victorious experience. I will challenge each and every smallest thing and create a history to prove the power of the Mystic Law.

I will make my district the best in the world.


24 thoughts on ““Be the best in whatever you do and you will soon be able to create a new path”

    1. Hi Ranjit,

      The Power of Nam Myo Ho renge Kyo is there we just need to manifest when we believe that it is….

      The beauty of my experience is to be seen in all the sudden events the details that are missing are:

      1. How only I was selected from my company to go to US…and the timing of my joining and so many other things were apparent that the whole power of the universe is within us

      2. Not only this but during this time my biggest deadlock of getting my sister in law married also opened up like just being at the right place at the right time

      3. In my current Job it feels like I am always walking with emense protection…I happen to be at the right place at the right time… things that I usually forget just appear in my mind from no where or i get some indication from the environment that helps me do the current Job so effectively…

      Amazing I can see everything that Sensei and Nichren Daishonin say happening true right in front of my eyes….

      Thanks for taking time to read through.

  1. Hi Parul,

    This is an excellent experience.I have been practicing Nicherin’s Daishonins’ Buddhism for the last one year.I have seen some wonderful things happening to me.As a result of that I am attached to buddhism and I have realized that there is no other way of going forward in life.I could understand your pain and suffering because I am going through the same.However,I am seeing results.I have a long way to go

    As per me this is the only possible way.


  2. I am facing many problems in my life, I have not been introduced to Buddhism, I do not have Gohonzon with me but after reading the net, I practice daimaku for half an hour in the evening. Could you pls guide me regarding my practice and how to tackle so many problems together


    Bless u


    1. hi hema…
      glad to see that u hav started chanting..To practise this philosophy the correct way…u must get in touch with the senior memebers in your block who are practising ..They will be able to guide you and will also let u knw abt d meetings which is an integral part of the practise …continue to chant daimoku ….


      niketa khattar

    1. Alex,

      It is not the will power, offcourse that is there but this is all due to practicing NichrenDaishonins buddhism…on the contrary you’d be surprised to know that I really have a very weak determination. This is a secret no one knows.. So what is holding me is this mystic law….Helping my life determine the right course for me as I continue to practice …. In a way I am making delebrate good causes to write my destiny my way…:)

      This is just one experience I will send more of the testimonies to prove how mystic law governs our lives and how we can chage the course of our lives by practicing the five charaters of Lotus Sutra – Nam-myoho-renge-kyo

  3. Thanks Niketa for replying

    I do not know any senior practising this philosophy in my area. Though I have tried to search I am not able to find any one in my locality. Could you pls help me. I am residing in Andheri (w) area.


  4. Hi T Ong … Thanks I have tried to contact the Center in India Delhi via email. I have still not recvd any revert from them. I am sending again an email to them so that they could guide me. Thanks again for your guidance.

    Hope I get a response this time.

    1. hi Hema Please call on this number … Kiran Kabdwal she lives in Kandivali (W) ++91 22 2860 1244

      Not Sure how far are you from her but she can get you in touch with the organization…

    1. Hi Hema,
      I m kiran.i’ll give you cell no of one BSG Member in mumbai you can contact her …She’ll help you out .
      no-9820191363 her name Rashmi..you can take my reference.

  5. Hi parul

    I am exactly under going the same events in my job , however hard i try , its not giving result and my boss is already made up her mind to get me out .

    can you please give me your email id so that i can contact you .

    1. Hi Ganesh,

      My mail id is paroolin@yahoo.co.in…..Please continue to chant with deep faith and strong determination and very soon you will realize the meaning of these struggles. Our mission is to do Kosen-Rufu everywhere. Determine to prove the validity of the law working in your life and though it may take time but i am sure with strong faith you will eventually WIN

  6. Hi.. Parul…..

    Thanks for sharing your experience. It has helped me become stronger and more focussed than ever. Hoping to be vctorious soon.

    Thank you from bottom of my heart.


  7. Hi guys,

    I have recently migrated to Ludhiana, Punjab (India). I am wondering if there is a center here Or any discussion groups i could join. Please assist. Thank you.

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