Protection from Gohonzon

Ritesh Khandelwal, 39 years old, started practising Nichiren Buddhism eight months ago and has gained two major benefits since.  The second benefit highlighted the actual proof that, when we practise with earnestly and sincerely, we and our loved ones will be protected by the Gohonzon.  Robbers broke into Ritesh’s house and, “mystically”, no one was hurt.

I am Ritesh Khandelwal and I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for the past eight months. Over this period, I have grown in my faith and practice. I have realized the benefits, which can only be achieved by embracing Mystic Law and its practice.

Faith in this Buddhism enables us to walk through life with complete assurance and confidence, unafraid of anything. With a dauntless spirit, we can lead a cheerful and thoroughly enjoyable life. We can develop a “self” of such fortitude that we are able to look forward to life’s trials and tribulations with a sense of profound elation and joy.

After having achieved a breakthrough in my mother’s health condition, I have become stronger in my faith and conviction. Today, I chant without missing on a single day.

I never thought that benefits could keep coming. My second breakthrough of the practice came in quick succession from that of the first one.

During last month when Gohonzon gave the protection to my family at Indore, the true meaning of the first morning prayers during the gongyo made sense to me.

It was on a night two weeks after Diwali that my family members at Indore were preparing for a peaceful sleep. After having done the customary checking of the house and to ensure that the windows and doors were locked, my brother and his wife went upstairs to their room to retire for the day.  My parents also made themselves comfortable in their room for a good night sleep.

It was around 1am that four armed burglars decided to break into our house. They made their way in by breaking the iron grill door with cutters, crowbars and hack saw. After having breached the grill doors, they brought down the kitchen back door opening in the back yard and got inside the house.

On entering the house, they picked up a few ropes that were lying around the house. With this, they bolted the doors of my parents’ room and that of my brother’s. They left the room with my 16 years old niece and 8 years old nephew untouched, after which they went about ransacking the house.

They spent close to three and a half hours searching through various other rooms and belongings of my family. Never even once did they try to venture into the bedrooms of my family members.

My father heard some commotion and wanted to come out to check over.  My mother felt that it could be due to early morning walkers passing by. On her insistence, he dropped the idea and went back to sleep.

After some time, he got up again to visit the toilet. Though he sleeps in the same room with my mother, he would refrain from using the room’s bathroom because of my mother’s recent transplant and the need to keep her belongings quarantined in clean condition.  This was his practice for the past seven years and he has never even once broke the rule. That night, my mother insisted that he used this toilet and asked him not to venture out! Mother had no clue of what was happening outside, but something inside her made her advised my dad twice against going out!

My brother also did not hear anything happening downstairs and around the house. Both he and my sister-in-law were sleeping peacefully.

My niece would usually get up at around 2am in the night to catch up on her studies. That night she decided to put off the alarm and not study!

The burglars were armed with crow bars, boulders, hockey sticks and ropes. They had all the planning and intentions to loot at any cost. Somehow that night, they locked all the family members safe inside their respective rooms and none of my family members got up and ventured out to challenge them!

They left the house after three and a half hours. Only at 6am did everybody get up in the house and faced the scene of a house being burgled.

Today, I thank the earnest faith that I have in practice and the cause and effect that I experienced and created. Prayers of Lotus Sutra practitioners never go unanswered. Though the family did suffer on account of material loss and the psychological damage of being invaded but the veil of protection from the Gohonzon ensured that the burglars did not harm them!

The protection my family got is unbelievable. I shudder when I think of the consequences of somebody from the family trying to venture out of their rooms that night. I shudder when I think of a 16 years old girl sleeping unattended in the house. But at the same time, I am filled with confidence and vitality. I have the faith of Gohonzon watching over my loved ones and me. What other happiness would I ever seek but the security and protection of people I love?

Today, I do not feel alone or cornered. I feel the ring of protection around me and my family. I feel the power of prayers and practice. Earnest prayers can change karma and move mountains. It can sow seeds of compassion and sense in the worst enemies and inspire him to inflict lesser harm. Suffering may not end but would surely get mitigated. Such is the might and resolve of a sincere prayer that devil would be continuously defeated day and night by the vibrant and sincere prayers.

Today I stand to resolve and determine that I shall continuously chant and pray for the protection of my family, loved one’s and friends.


3 thoughts on “Protection from Gohonzon

  1. Hi Ritesh!

    I truly agree with you especially when you said “What other happiness would I ever seek but the security and protection of people I love?

    I an inspired by your testimonial and I will continue to chant for my family and love ones.

    Let’s continue to chant happy daimoku ;-))))

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