“Winter always turns to spring”

Saddened by the death of his wife, Bharat Singh, a member from India took up faith in Nichiren Buddhism in 2008 and overcame the pains and obstacles he faced to achieve victories in life.  Not only has his business becomes successful, he has also achieved human revolution and become a better person.

My name is Bharat Singh and I started practicing Nichiren Diashonin’s Budhism in November 2008 after the sudden death of my wife, Nandini. Although I first encountered Nichiren Buddhism on 3 May 2008 with my wife, we were not clear and were criticizing the practice. We also didn’t understand why everyone was sharing his or her personal experiences on stage.

I was shattered after the death of my wife because she was a pillar of my life and we shared more than eight years of friendship before finally getting married in Feb 2008. After this shattering experience, I felt my life becoming meaningless.  During this time, my mother-in-law, Usha Jayaraman, re-introduced me to this Buddhist practice.

I started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo without knowing anything about its meaning and benefits. Chanting became the medicine for all my pains because I could not express my feelings to anyone and I believed no one could understand them as well.

I was told to do morning and evening prayers, which consisted of gongyo and daimoku. I followed the instructions, which helped me to gain the wisdom to understand that whatever happened until then was not coincidence but interlinked.  This was because Nandini kept telling my mother-in-law to join the practice before our marriage and she was also the one who took me to the 3 May 2008 meeting. I believe that the mission of Nandini’s life was to introduce both my mother-in-law and me to this philosophy.

In April 2009, I faced a situation at my work place where I had to resign after an unwanted situation with the vice president of the company. I kept on praying and chanted abundant daimoku to get courage and clarity about my actions. After that I started my own business venture with four other partners but as expected, we faced a lot of challenges and two of my partners left the organization and moved on.

As our mentor, Ikeda sensei teaches us never to be defeated in any circumstances, I took a lead and increased my working hours and input in my business but even then it could not work out because of differences in opinions with the remaining partners. I lost all my savings in that venture. I was again in a very tough situation because I had liabilities to fulfill.

I increased my efforts in Gakkai activities and welcomed any opportunity given to me by the leaders to support the kosen-rufu mission. My faith kept on increasing because of my involvements in the meetings and study materials provided by Ikeda sensei in different journals. I never missed a single meeting in the last two years.  Listening to experiences of the members encouraged me to challenge myself. I soon realized that since others can come overcome their bad situations and achieved victories, then why not me.

I was determined to restart my business based on my faith.  Being short of capital, I started the business from my home. Business opportunities started opening up when I increased my Gakkai activities. The good fortune I received was due to my efforts and faith in Nichiren Buddhism.

I recently completed a live musical event for a media house in four cities. My business is bringing in good money and my clients are now keeping me busy.

I was struggling to obtain the TIN number, which is one of the requirements for the kind of business I am in.  In order to get this TIN number, a guarantor is needed but none of my friends and acquaintances agreed to be.  However, through daimoku, I eventually got my TIN number after five months.

I am inspired by a Gosho line, which says, “Winter always turns to spring”. It means no matter how bad the situation may be, there would still be a light of hope.

I kept Gohonzon as the center of my life, which is the reason for my victories. Since taking faith in Nichiren Buddhism, I have become calmer, courageous, compassionate and warm hearted. I now have a positive attitude to face any challenge in life because this Buddhism has given me the light to come out of fundamental darkness and has prepared me to face any challenges head on.

I want to thank all my fellow members for having supported and guided me towards victory and happiness.

I am determined to be a successful businessman to spread and work for kosen-rufu. I am also determined to base my life on faith, practice and study. I will be a true disciple of Ikeda sensei by not getting defeated and will report a lot of victories in my life, which could inspire many people to attain true happiness.



3 thoughts on ““Winter always turns to spring”

  1. this is an inspiring testimonial, showing us that earnest and sincere practice, including daimoku and participation in kosen-rufu activities, will enable us to achieve victories.

  2. You are already victorious by not being defeated by your wife’s death. Had you been, she would have been most sorrowful. I am sure with your daily prayers & hard work for kosen rufu, your wife is already reborn in a harmonious kosen rufu family. How mystic this wonderful law is! NMHRGK.

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