Fulfilling My Father’s Dream

Meenakshi, a 28-year old YWD from India, has been practicing Nichiren Buddhism since 2008 and is currently working in Dubai. Through her determined prayer and earnest participation in kosen-rufu activities, she managed to achieved her late father’s dream that he was not able to.  Meenakshi believes that sharing victories with other members will encourage everyone to strive further towards achieving kosen-rufu.  She has shared this testimonial of hers with her Deira-Dubai chapter earlier this year.

I would like to share my experience, which is very close to my heart, with everyone.

I have been practicing Nichiren Buddhism for two years and since then have received much good fortune. In spite of my busy working schedule, I try to take out as much time as I can to practice this Buddhism, as this is the faith where I belong.

The story of my struggle is not different than any members who are practicing this Buddhism. Being a Soka Gakkai member, I believe in the Mystic power of the Gohonzon. I believe that no prayers go unanswered when we chant Nam-myoho-renge-kyo with pure faith and determination to win the situation.

On my 28th birthday, I sat down after my morning prayer and listed my goals for this year.  Because I do not have a permanent family house in India, it was the first goal on my list.  I have very deep sentiments with this goal.

There are five members in my family – my lovely mother, two more pretty sisters and me – with the fifth being our beloved pet.  I am fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

My father was an Army man who always taught us to be brave, independent and face any hardship in life with strong will and become victorious. His dream was to give us a house as we were living in rented accommodation.

However, due to financial difficulties, he could never achieve his dream of giving us a permanent home.  Unfortunately, he passed away in 2002 when all of us were very young. Both my sisters were still studying and I had just cleared my graduation. Being an outward child since beginning, I always took responsibility of my family.

After my father’s death, the four of us – all females – became even closer, and our understanding grew more with time.

I believe that it is my mother’s prayers and her strong presence in the family after my father’s death that always kept the three of us focused on our goals.

When I started practicing Nichiren Buddhism, both my sisters followed me on this path of faith. My mother is not practicing but is a believer.

My sisters and I used to sit together and chant with our senior member for the happiness of our home. My father’s unfulfilled dream was always there in my mind as we all were growing up.

We were trying to achieve his goal but there were financial constraints on our end.  My youngest sister was still pursuing her higher education for fashion designing where the school fees were high.

I chanted and participated in kosen-rufu activities earnestly to overcome our financial karma.

In 2009, I got a job in Dubai and my youngest sister was hired as a fashion advisor for a very reputed retail firm. My second sister was doing well in her company too.

Now, all three of us are financially independent and working in very good organizations.

When I sit and reflect back, I realized that how mystically everything is planned in our life. The job in Dubai provides me strong finances and gives me the chance to save up for our kosen-rufu house.  I spent one year striving towards my father’s dream with determined prayers and encouragement from fellow members.

Today, I would like to share my happiness with all of you.

On 5 May 2010, I bought the land for our kosen-rufu house. It is a gift to my mother and to fulfill my father’s dream. It is a victory for my family. When my mother told me that she is proud of me, I felt deep inside me that anything can be possible with my strong determination to achieve the goals.

I realized that, through the power of faith in the Gohonzon, the prayer is answered.

I am fortunate to be practicing Nichiren Buddhism and am determined to be a capable youth. I will strive to be in rhythm with our mentor, Ikeda sensei and learn from his achievements through the struggles he overcame in his life through his pure determination and faith.

I will learn to appreciate all the achievements, regardless how small they may be, and all the things in my life.

I am determined to study and focus on kosen-rufu activities, chant for the happiness and good fortune of this land as well as for all the Soka Gakkai members.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “Fulfilling My Father’s Dream

  1. This is so unbelievable!!
    I just opened this website today and the 1st experience i read… was of this girl with her mom ,a pet and 2 sis’s without a dad and wanted to buy land for her family…
    Once every 2-3 days.. i start feeling low and start questioning whether i will really be able to achieve my targets. But, u know how they say in buddhism, someway/somehow.. just the motivation or passage your looking for ul come across it. …
    Well id like to tell you.. that iv come from a family.. of 2 sisters, my mom and my pet dog too(he passed away last year)…..my dad was also from an army background and he passed away in my younger years… my target has been to buy my mom a car.. and omg, yours is the first experience i have read as i have opened this page!!
    Its just amazing how mystically this can work sometime. i would love to have a chat with you since our stories are so similar.. except ures is completed..and mine could use that extra motivation.

  2. Hi, im reading a lot about nichiren buddhism and chanting effects. I leave in dubai and would love to join a group if there is any in this city.can anybody give me informations regarding this.

  3. Hey! Congratulations on getting your house! I hope it will be a fortress of kosen rufu, where members can go to be encouraged & they in turn, can shakubuku more people. Keep up that strong faith of yours!

  4. Hi Meenakshi this is a wonderful experience- thanks for sharing it. I have introduced a friend to Nichiren Buddhism who works in Dubai. Is it possible for her to chant with you sometime and learn more about the other members in Dubai?

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