How a Strong Lady Wins by Refusing to be Beaten by the Situations She Faced

This is an inspiring testimonial by Ms Pooja Bajaj from India, who took up faith in Nichiren Buddhism and started chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo from 3 May 2009. Not only has she surmounted the challenges she faced after her divorce, Pooja also escaped serious harm in an accident.  We hope her experience will encourage those members who are facing similar problems as those that Pooja has overcome.

Good evening. I am Pooja Bajaj and working as a Training Manager in an online media company. I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to share my mystical journey in faith. I have been sincerely practicing this philosophy from 3 May 2009.

Even before joining the practice I have always believed in the theory of karma, that we create our own karma and thus create our own lives.

When I was introduced to this life transforming philosophy, I was going through the worst phase of my life. I was suffering from a broken relationship as I had just got divorced from my husband whom I loved the most in my life. Getting married to him was a dream come true.

Being with him I always considered myself as the happiest person on earth, but everything shattered…

Immediately after our marriage he totally stopped working, as he believed that the stars were not in his favor and totally stayed at home. He also made me quit my job because his ego did not allow him to see his wife working and being independent.

After we had our daughter in 2004, the situation got worst as by then, he became a complete alcoholic and even used to get violent and physically abuse me. As situation were getting worst for everyone in the family, my parents decided to take me and my daughter with them. We finally divorced in just within four months of filing the procedure.

I found myself fighting to adjust to the never expected situation with my one and a half year-old daughter. I moved to Nainital for one year and started working with a hotel. It was then in 2006 when one day one of my clients told me about chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, and asked me to attend the meeting in their house.

Though I went to attend the meeting and also chanted with them, I doubted that how few words of which I don’t even know the meaning can bring change in my life. Though I used to attend the meetings but I was not chanting, as I was somehow not feeling connected!

In 2007, my daughter and I came back to Delhi and I took up a job with a company, as it was extremely essential for the survival of my family and me. Being in the same city and same colony as my ex-husband, we used to cross paths time and again and I would get really disturbed and upset.

I was handling all the hardships of taking care of my daughter and my family along with a new and demanding job. I have to struggle through the emotional turbulence, whether I should patch up again with my husband for the sake of our daughter’s life or not.

I was going through these problems alone. I never shared these feelings with my parents because I did not want them to suffer on my account.

In spite of being a very strong person, I use to continuously feel a sense of hopelessness and unhappiness in my life. It was then that in 2009, one of my friends spoke to me about the practice and invited me for the 3 May meeting. I readily accepted the invitation. In the meeting I got really inspired by listening to some of the wonderful experiences which I could relate to and felt a sense of peace in my heart.

After attending the 3 May meeting, I started chanting regularly, attend meetings and read books and articles on this Nichiren Buddhist philosophy. Then I met a senior in faith who gave me lot of confidence in the practice and told me to resolve as the SUN of the family.

She also told me that chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo would change the life condition in the family and in addition, these benefits will go on to the next seven generations.

I started receiving a lot of benefits through chanting daimoku. Most of them were inconspicuous as I could see my attitude changing. I am now more composed, calm and balanced while handling difficult situations. I also have become more patient.

Earlier I used to sometimes doubt my own decision of walking out of my husband’s house and would feel shattered and broken. I also would always blame my ex-husband for ruining my daughter’s life and mine.

However, after regular chanting, I started getting clarity and realized that whatever I decided and did was right. I honestly feel gratitude towards him because it is actually not his fault but just our karmas. In fact, now I pray for his happiness, good health and wisdom.

On my job front, at this time of recession, I was at a great risk of loosing my job. I am working with a sales oriented company as a HR Trainer. Mystically at a time when everyone’s job security was at risk, I was given added and multiple responsibilities, as well as many recognition from my company.

With my new profile, I have the good fortune to meet many influential and positive-thinking people. I received a lot of appreciation from my senior management for accomplishing successful counseling and training sessions with the existing employees. I realized my own capabilities and grow in confidence.

I also made a determination in the beginning of this year to buy a house for my daughter and me before 2011. I started chanting earnestly and participate in the discussions and songs during Gakkai meetings. I began to work hard on the planning and arranging funds to buy the property.

When everything was falling in place, suddenly after two years, my current organization changed their policy from five to six working days.

I was not able to accept this change because of the personal challenges I face and have to manage them of managing lot of things alone, and need to spend time with my daughter and participate in Gakkai meetings.

I became upset and depressed.

But immediately I could recall a guidance from one of my senior in faith – rather than just feeling worried, we should chant in front of Gohonzon to seek guidance whenever we face a problem.

I started exerting myself more in Gakkai meetings with the determination not to miss my gongyo and daimoku in any situation. I began to pray for a five-day workweek and improvement in my financial situation to meet daily necessities as well as increasing expenses of the expected loan to buy the house.

My prayers were answered when, to my surprise, I got a wonderful job offer with almost 25% increase in pay and a better designation. Moreover, even though this company works six days a week, they agreed to my request to work only five days, excluding Saturdays and Sundays.

But still I was apprehensive about this new company. A Gakkai senior advised me to do abundant daimoku to pray for Buddhist gods to reveal the answers by entering into the lives of people around me.

I joyfully increased my chanting duration from 20 minutes to one hour. I am happy to report that I joined this organization last month and am quite satisfied with the position and exposure.

I would like to share one more recent life saving experience. Because of the protective powers of Gohonzon, I escaped death mystically.

On 17 April, I woke up as usual in the morning to prepare milk for my daughter in the kitchen. I was not aware that the gas pipe was damaged with gas leaking the whole night. The moment I lighted the burner with gas lighter, I could see only huge flames around me.

Immediately, my whole body – my face, neck, arms and legs were engulfed in flames.

I suddenly got the wisdom to handle the situation, and instead of getting confused and started to panic, I remained calm and immediately switched off the burner and tried to control the fire on me.

With all the good fortune of chanting daimoku and protection from Gohonzon, I did not have any burnt/rashes; I only suffered a little burning of my eye lashes.

I am really happy to share these victories with you. I realize that though there are lot more things to be managed, and in spite of all the hardships, what matters most is the end result. This is the feeling of courage, wisdom and peace.

As Ikeda sensei says, “Most important than winning is not to be defeated. It is not important that you always win, what is important is that you don’t loose.”

I realize that all the problems that come my way actually help me to polish my life and help me to exert in faith.

I am determined in my heart that I would not allow myself to be defeated by my worries and problems, and to emerge victorious while handling all my responsibilities as a single parent, as a daughter and at work.

Today I make a strong determination in my heart that I’ll keep on growing in this practice of faith, that I will have control over my emotional disturbances which I still encounter at times, to face and fight all the challenges of life with full faith and courage.

I will report more victories and will face and fight all the challenges of life with strong faith and courage.


34 thoughts on “How a Strong Lady Wins by Refusing to be Beaten by the Situations She Faced

    1. Pooja I am truly inspired by your story and your courage. I have been struggling with self doubt, anxieties, fear of things going wrong, constantly judge myself, feel guilty and I dont know why I feel this way. I have been through a divorce and re married but continue to have issues in the marriage. I also have been experiencing severe anxiety at work, as I recently got back to work after battling a heatlh condition for 7 months.It feels like a pattern that wont break or make way for a new design. There must be some karmic reason for my self doubt, issues with partner, health and I am struggling to figure this out. I have a beautiful little boy and I want to be around for him. I am inspired to try the chanting. Suffering bonds you instantly with others, there is so much love, warmth, concern in this forum, thank you for showing others the way towards hope and out of despair.

  1. as long as you have strong faith in gohonzon, nothing will knock you down,winter goes, spring comes. you are a great and brave woman as you know nam-myo-ho-reng-gey-kyo is the best sword, nothing else. as gosho teach us.

  2. very encouraging experience,i was able to relate as i am going through with the same hardship with my husband now…and also with very worst financial condition i am experiencing right now….like u Ms Pooja, i am also doing a lot of daimoku everyday and sharing this NMRK as much as possible as i can….i also doing a lot of readings to understand very well this ND Buddhism philosophy….and through all of these. i was able to go on….

  3. Hi Leah,

    My prayers are there with you for your victory in life.
    Please chant NMRK & uphold faith & I am sure you will win.I really wish peace for you…all the best.

  4. Hi Pooja,

    This world is indeed a very small face.
    I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw your name & before even opnening the link I knew it had to be you.
    Soul stirring experience & am very happy to know that you are into this practice.
    Goshhh that accident could have been fatal but sokas are protected.

    get in touch if you wish too.

    Take care & God bless.

    1. Wowwwww…Its surprising rather very joyful to be in touch again.
      i am really thankful & feel fortunate to encountered this practice.

      Take care & love to Tiya

  5. Hi, pooja,
    i want to congratulate you for your all the victories you had faced and success of your life. i am also in the same situation (divorce matter is going on ) and have faith on my husband that he will support me for making good relationship. i also know that it is our karma that we both are facing presently not his and his family mistake. i also pray for his happiness, wisdom and courage.

    please guide me in this matter.

    my mobile no. is 9899299353

    1. Hi Sunita, Very sorry for delayed reply.I will surly call u & wish you a great victory soon. Always remember that never feel defeated,No matter what, cjant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

  6. Your experience is encouraging millions and me.As u protected frm fire.I also faced an road accident.The bike dragged 1/2 mt but nothing happened 2 me.That day was d Zodankai and i m on d way.

  7. thank you so much for sharing this experience…i want to know how can i join the practice or attend d meetings. I am facing some serious troubles in my life. a person is blackmailing me and has kept me in a relationship with him..i want the relationship to be over..but i cant tell my parents as being in middle class family they will not except and all the trust will be lost which will make my life more miserable..please give me some guidance and i really want to move ahead in faith…but the problem i am facing is i cant chant i chant alone…and i hv no one to discuss the problems with.

    1. Hi Shreya,

      This is a first step towards victory that you want to chant & improve your life & win over ur problems. I congratulate you on that. I would love to help u…you can contact me on 9953011512.

  8. Hi Comrades,

    Is very touching testimonial, Thank you so much for sharing this experience.
    I will share it with one of my believer who was a single parent with 1 child but she did not take seriously in chanting NMRK.

    Hope one day u are in S’pore that I can meet u.
    Keep it your fighting spirit.
    Bansai! Bansai! Bansai!

    Lena Wan

  9. Dear Pooja Bajaj,

    I am Harumi from Singapore. Thanks for making the effort to share your touching testimonial here. I admire your wisdom & composure in handling life’s difficult challenges; it is not easy. I know one very good Indian WD leader who used to live in Singapore but now she has emigrated to New Zealand with her family. She is very passionate & has strong faith. How I wish all 3 of us have the chance to meet up one day & encourage one another! Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.

    1. Hi Harumi,

      Thanks for appreciating me. This is indeed a beautiful positive practice & we are all fortunate to practice it. Its a small world…we might meet some day. Otherwise also we are connected through faith…Remember,”Many in body, one in mind.”

  10. Hi Pooja

    What an inspiring victory and ichinen indeed.

    I was looking for an experience to share with a WD and am glad i came across this wonderful experience of yours. Hope you are ever more bright and vibrant in your practice.

    If possible let me know how ur dream to have your own home for ur daughter has materialized.Would love to have a word with you and chant for your fabulous life and success.


    Lots of love and light

  11. hi
    this is akshay practising ymd for last 3 yrs from bombay
    amazing experience , wow pooja u really really turned poison into medicine really inspiring especially how u reacted in the fire incident . so much wisdom and the way u really turned arnd in ur job got 5 working days and 25 % increase .

    wish u all luck and sucess

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